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Improve recreation registration process

Cut Red Tape
Trained more staff


Citizens were interested in registering for recreation programs when they were right at the facility. For example, when children received their report cards at the last swimming class, parents wanted to register them right then and there for the next level. This made sense because the instructors could answer specific questions about what level their child should be in and check for availability right on the spot. Only a few staff were trained to use the registration system, resulting in line-ups so customers would often go home and register at a later time online or by phone.

Status: Completed


Recreation wanted to make the customer experience a more positive and meaningful one by adding more registration machines and training 50 recreation employees to process on-site registrations.

Added 2 staff terminals


As a result, more staff are now able to assist customers right at the customer service desk, reducing line-ups and wait times during registration and peak times. The additional machines have also been used to support admissions, passes and afterschool program registration and entry. Overall, these machines have processed over 110,000 transactions reducing line-ups and improving customer experience.



"Since we submitted our CTR suggestion, new staff were trained surprisingly quickly in POS registration. We now have most of our POS staff trained, and the registration process is so much more streamlined both for staff and patrons. No longer is one staff member constantly being called away from other duties in order to provide registrations. The customer simply approaches whoever is at the front desk at the time and is able to have their request processed in an efficient and timely manner. Happier customers, happier staff!"

​– Recreation staff member and idea submitter

"Working directly at the recreation facilities, we are knowledgeable about the programs offered and are experienced in helping the customer select the program that’s the best fit. It’s refreshing that we can take that one step further to actually register our customers in the programs they’re looking for. Customers appreciate the face-to-face interaction, and we feel good about being able to help them!"

– Recreation staff member