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Reduce cost to cut and reconnect water for redevelopments

Cut Red Tape


The cost for disconnecting and reconnecting water services for redevelopments is too high.

Status: Not feasible


Disconnection/reconnection of private property water service to the City water main for the purpose of development is provided by private companies.  As such the related fees for service are set by the private market.  It is a multi-step process requiring a great deal of manpower and equipment including: identifying all utilities at the location, setting up traffic control measures, potential customer disruptions in surrounding area as well as  excavation and restoration of impacted roadway to access the water main. The typical time frame for completion of this work is two days.
The City’s role is to ensure that water servicing connections meet all specifications and therefore The City requires a deposit.  Once the water service connection has passed inspection then the deposit is returned with interest to the developer or builder.  In most situations the work does pass inspection and the deposit is returned.  In the event that water servicing connections do not meet the required specifications and The City is required to do the work, then the deposit is used to recover the costs of providing the service.
In the 2012-2014 business cycle Water Services discontinued water reconnection services. This work is now fully conducted by the private sector.  Discontinuing this service has enabled crews to dedicate more time to maintaining The City’s water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure.