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Reduce information needed when reporting graffiti

Cut Red Tape


Citizens can call into 311 to report graffiti concerns. However, the information and details required to complete a graffiti report is far too lengthy, time consuming and asks for too much information.

Status: Completed

Changes made

The intake process for reporting graffiti has been improved by reducing the number of questions callers are asked from 13 to 6. This saves both the caller and 311 time in handling the service request.


The introduction of the graffiti service request to The City’s 311 app in March 2014 also offers another option for citizens to easily report graffiti in their community by taking a picture with their smartphone device.

For more savings, see our 311 improvements idea for information on online and 311 smartphone app savings.


2012 ​2013
​Q1 2015 ​Total
​Calls ​6,849 ​9,772 14,108​ ​4,410 ​35,139
Average savings per call ($1.89) $12,945 ​$18,469 ​$26,664 ​$8,335 ​$66,413