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Relaxation of home based business class rules

Cut Red Tape


A residential land use district does not accommodate stand-alone retail use because the land use district requires the residential component to be the primary use on site, with supporting commercial activity. This means the dominant activity on site cannot be primarily commercial in nature as this goes against Land Use Bylaw (1P2007) and potentially conflicts with local area policies.

Status: Not feasible


Within the Land Use Bylaw, there are specific land use districts that accommodate mixed –use development. Sometimes these land use districts are found in areas of transition, situated between residential and commercial zones. By changing the rules in these districts, there is a risk that it can conflict with existing policy and vision for these areas.
Upon further investigation, it was determined that the subject issue was not pertaining to particular rules for Home Occupations. Rather, it applies to rules within the Land Use Bylaw which restricts the amount of support commercial activity within a land use district that is predominantly residential. If changes were to be made within the Land Use Bylaw to accommodate such situations, there is a risk that commercial uses could become the dominant activity on site, causing potential negative impacts to nearby low-density residential neighbourhoods. There is also a risk that such rule changes may inadvertently change the land use to a commercial district.