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Relaxation of Development Completion permit

Cut Red Tape


Provisions of the Land Use Bylaw require a development to be completed in accordance with the Development Permit (DP). A Development Completion Permit (DCP) is required to be issued prior to occupancy of a building or commencement of the Use. Through the inspection process, the Development Authority, may require securities be provided for outstanding items prior to issuing a DCP. For customers, items that are deemed minor deficiencies that do not affect safety or use are delaying the issuing of the DCP, therefore, delaying the completion and opening of the new building.

Status: Not feasible


Efforts are being made for Development Inspectors to authorize additional changes to developments through the inspection process.  Additionally, the number of Development Permits that do not require DCP approval has increased.  Ongoing educational outreach efforts are being made to both industry and their associations on the requirements of the DCP process.  This has resulted in fewer delays in building occupancy. Following the recent reorganization of the Planning, Development & Assessment department, Building and Development Inspections have been combined into one business unit. This ensures business continuity and coordination of occupancy. 

In our efforts to build a great city, administration needs to ensure that developers/owners comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the Land Use Bylaw and Alberta Building Code.  This is done to ensure that developments are constructed in an orderly, economical, and beneficial way.  The system is in place to help achieve the long-term goals of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and ensure public safety. For these reasons, this idea is deemed not feasible for significant changes.

Minor deficiencies can be corrected by Development Inspectors on site. Deficiencies identified requiring planning review (Revised Plan or new DP) must be addressed by the Development Authority. Any significant changes made to the initial approval require Development Authority approval.