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Single project number in POSSE system

Cut Red Tape


During the development process, various applications will have its own numbers. For example, a Development Permit will have its own number, Development Completion Permit will have its own number, Building Permit will have its own number, etc. Setting up one single number to reference for all applications will aid in better communication and overall process facilitation for both customers and staff.

Status: Not feasible

Changes made

The current system (POSSE) is used to capture customer’s applications and it is designed in a way that each permit generates its own number.  Employees use the common practice of grouping jobs for the same development allowing them to easily navigate applications/required permit numbers. 

Earlier in 2014, Residential ePermit was implemented that allowed customers to submit applications online. With this tool, customers can enter one project number that links all related permits numbers (Development Permit, Building Permit, etc.) however the system still captures multiple numbers for each permit type. Customers can use the project number to access all permit types under that project online. Internally each permit retains its own permit number so inspection staff is able to inspect and update specific permits. The customer is able to retrieve the inspection results using the project number for all inspections completed.  From the customer perspective there is a single project number. As an alternative solution has been created, the original idea is deemed not feasible.