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Standardization and training for City inspectors

Cut Red Tape


Customers would like greater consistency from safety codes officers conducting inspections.

Status: Completed

Changes made

All safety codes officers have attended Quality Management Plan training to ensure consistency in service delivery. This training is now mandatory for all new safety codes officers who work for The City. Training for all 153 Safety Codes Officers (SCO), of which approximately 120 are field SCOs, occurred in April 2013 and will be delivered periodically as part of the onboarding of new SCOs.

The Codes and Standards Technical Interpretation Committee (CSTIC) was formed to encourage consistency in code interpretation and application by the City of Calgary. The CSTIC meets monthly and includes representation from technical experts, the provincial government, and all safety codes officer disciplines.

Customers also have convenient online access to regularly updated Complete Application Requirements Lists (CARL) for all development permits. CARL updates are also distributed to industry groups through the new Planning & Development Dispatch newsletter.

The City also offers a Partners in Planning education program to Calgarians interested in developing skills for effective participation in the planning process. Since 2000, there have been 1299 individual participants, 248 graduates. There were approximately 160 individuals that participated in 2012, with the numbers increasing each year. Nine courses have been offered to-date in 2013. The certificate can be earned by taking 4 courses, which are free and a half day in length.
Facilitating the shared understanding of code changes and interpretations, benefits both the City and its customers by decreasing the need for re-inspections. Reducing the chance of re-inspection saves customers additional fees and the cost of delayed construction.


“The current Safety Codes Officers (SCO) training has been producing excellent results through a formalized mentorship program. This program provides the inspector with one-on-one coaching with a senior officer in both Plans Examination and Field inspections and ensures that our SCOs are confident, consistent and efficient in their decision-making." 
                                                                 - Ross M., City employee