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Tree planting applications in unknown right of ways

Cut Red Tape


As a result of incomplete records from utility companies as to the placement of their equipment within the road right of way (ROW), applications for tree planting within the ROW are often held up or rejected leading to delays for the developer.  It was requested that the developer be given the opportunity to make adjustments to the location of where trees are planted within the ROW while they were in the field rather than having to stop work and apply for a revision to their line assignment.

Status: Completed

Changes made

The process was changed to facilitate the development industry while maintaining safe access to the ROW and ensure accurate records of trees planted in the ROW.  The process was adjusted to grant approval of tree planting applications when there were incomplete utility records provided the developer submitted record drawings as to the tree placements after the work was done.


The adjustments to the approved tree placement may be made in the field by the developer.  Record drawings of the revised placement are then filed with The City through the Parks business unit as the tree stewards on behalf of The City.