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Lack of online services and long turnaround times for subdivision construction drawings

Cut Red Tape


1. Industry customers experience long turnaround times when seeking approval for subdivision construction drawings
2. Subdivision construction drawings are circulated by paper to other City departments for review, which increases circulation time
3. Reduce the number of resubmissions required by industry 
4. No online service is available to submit plans to The City

Status: Completed

Changes made

A new electronic construction drawing system called eConstruction was launched in January 2013.  It enables industry customers to submit their subdivision construction drawings to The City electronically. eConstruction replaced the manual process of circulating, managing and approving paper copies of the subdivision construction drawings. The eConstruction drawing system now allows City departments to review plans simultaneously and collaboratively to help reduce turnaround times for customers.

The eConstruction solution helped solve Cut Red Tape ideas C1, C2, and C3 outlined on the full listings page.2015-0914 Cut Red Tape_C1-3.jpg


Industry customers can now submit their subdivision construction drawings online, effectively replacing the paper circulation process within The City.  Applicants can now apply from the comfort of their office, eliminating the need to print and travel downtown to submit their paper plans.  In addition, customers can apply and view the status of their application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

City departments can now as a team simultaneously review engineering drawings, which has reduced review periods for a majority of customers from 12 weeks to 6 weeks.  Since eConstruction launched, 60 per cent of applications were reviewed within a 6 week time period, below The City’s target of 85 per cent. The City’s 2015 to 2018 work plan includes improvements for eConstruction that aim to achieve a 6 week turnaround period within 85 percent of applications.  The City will continue to work closely with industry partners to build on the initial success of eConstruction.

Moving to an electronic circulation and review process created a number of additional benefits. The quality review completed by The City is improved with the ability of City departments to view comments and discuss drawings at the same time.  Capturing comments and drawing mark-ups electronically   reduced the possibility of misinterpretation.


Shortened review times allow industry customers a larger construction window that can allow for earlier construction starts, fewer delays and a more flexible construction scheduling.

Unit 2013 2014​ Q1 ​2015 ​Total
Applications 87 ​76 ​29 ​192
60% applications solved in time frame
of 6 weeks
52 ​46 ​12 ​110
Savings ($) $3,040,128 $2,655,744​ ​$698,880 $6,394,752
Application with one resubmission 31  ​21 ​-- ​52
​Resubmissions savings ($) ​$872,960 ​$591,360 ​-- $1,464,320
​Printing savings per application ($405) ​$48,185 ​$58,780 ​$11,745 ​$118,710
​Courier savings ($) ​$4,830 ​$7,080 ​$870 ​$12,780
​Customer savings ​$3,966,103 ​$3,312,964 $711,495 ​$7,990,562
​City savings ​$144,594 ​$130,720 ​$49,880 ​$325,194
​Total savings ​$8,315,756