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Reduce printed communications for animal licensing

Cut Red Tape


Multiple letters are mailed to pet owners during the animal licensing and renewal process creating excess paperwork and waste. Renewing an animal licence is a two-phased process: First, an animal’s annual renewal notice is sent by mail to the pet owner. Once payment has been made, the animal’s licence certificate is sent to the owner. 

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Changes made

In February 2012, Animal & Bylaw Services eliminated the second notice for expired animal license. Only one renewal notice goes out to owners 30 days prior to the license expiring.

The next step of the online licensing system will be to include renewal notices by email which will help reduce the number of printed communications mailed to pet owners. At present, approximately 13,000 to 15,000 renewal notices are printed and mailed each month. This number should significantly reduce when the online reminders are introduced in 2015. 


By removing the second notice for expired animal licenses, ABS was able to save on the cost of the paper, envelopes and postage costs.

Unit 2012 2013 ​2014
Q1 2015
Total Savings​
Notices issued 33,150 ​39,269 ​37,629 ​9,405 ​119,453
Cost per notice ($) $0.78 ​$0.80 ​$0.92 ​$0.92
Total value of savings ($) $25,857 ​$31,415 $34,619 ​$8,653 ​$100,544