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I get a ride

How do you get to school?

​Start a new routine this fall by walking to school this year.

If you live close to school, just start walking. Or do what the kids in Altadore do with their Walking School Bus

Here are resources to start your own.

If school is farther away, consider biking — just like the kids in the Elboya Bike Gang

Bike rack that works as a Green Communiting Hub 

And, if you still need to drive, get dropped off a bit further away from your school and walk the rest of the way. It'll help reduce traffic around the school while you make fewer greenhouse gasses and get exercise. Check out what the students at Captain Nichola Goddard School did to make Green Commu​ting Hubs (as part of their 2014 Mayor's Environment Expo project).

Get ideas and inspiration with these helpful resources:

Don't do it alone, get your neighbourhood involved in the Challenge: