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Establishing a new residential parking permit zone

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Residential parking permits

Residential parking permits are issued by the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA). Visit their website:
  • To find out if you need a residential parking permit to park on your street
  • For information on applying for, or renewing*, a residential parking permit
*Note: As of Aug. 1, 2017, CPA is transitioning residential parking zone information to its online Residential Parking Permit system. Each zone's data is being moved as it comes up for annual renewal.

How to establish a new residential parking permit zone

Before you submit a request for a new residential parking zone, first make sure your residential area isn't already a residential parking zone. Check the residential parking zone map.

If your area is not in an existing zone, you must contact your Community Association or City Councilor's Office with your request. They will submit a formalized letter to The City's Transportation Department on your behalf.

The Transportation Department will conduct a traffic study to determine the area's eligibility for a residential parking zone, according to the following criteria:

  • The proposed zone is near a facility that attracts approximately 5,000 vehicles per day, e.g. a hospital.
  • The proposed zone is at least 10 blocks in size and 70 per cent of the vehicles that park within it belong to non-residents.

If the requested area meets this criteria, both the Transportation and Transit Committee and City Council must approve an amendment to the parking bylaw as required to designate a new residential parking zone.

How to add or change residential parking zone signs

Residential parking zone signResidential parking signs can only be installed in approved residential parking zones, and only one parking restriction is permitted per block. The City will only consider requests for changes to existing signs when existing signs have been in place for 18 months or longer.

To make this request, you must complete an official City of Calgary petition for the block in question; 80% agreement from residents on the block must be obtained.

Request a petition package:

  1. Register for myID.
  2. Log in to ePermits.
  3. Click on New Permit.
  4. Select Residential Parking Petition from the drop-down menu.


If you need help on how to use the ePermits website, please see the ePermits FAQ.

Learn more

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