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Banner over roadway permit

Permits are required to install promotional banners on City owned overpasses. The City will only grant permits for banners promoting non-profit, charitable or public events. All banners on City owned overpasses must follow the Temporary Signs Bylaw 29M97.

A banner can be displayed for up to two weeks. All banner permits are issued from Sunday to Saturday in two week increments. Banners must be removed by 5 p.m. on the last Saturday of the permit.

Banner design, installation and locations

Please ensure your banner design adheres to The City’s banner design requirements as outlined in the Banner over roadway permit guidelines.

Banners will be hung at approved banner locations in accordance with The City’s banner installation requirements as outlined in the Banner over roadway permit guidelines.

Banner locations are subject to availability. A maximum of eight banners per application is allowed.

14 St110 AveSSSWPedestrian
14 St110 AveNSSWPedestrian
14 StGlenmore TrWSSWPedestrian
14 St14 AveNSNWVehicle
16 Ave16 StESNWPedestrian
16 Ave16 StWSNWPedestrian
16 Ave21 StWSNWPedestrian
16 AveWest Campus BlvdWSNWVehicle
33 Ave25 StESSWPedestrian
33 Ave25 StWSSWPedestrian
64 Ave4 StWSNEPedestrian
64 Ave4 StESNEPedestrian
Anderson Rd11 StESSWPedestrian
Anderson Rd11 StWSSWPedestrian
Anderson RdCanfield CrESSWPedestrian
Anderson RdLake NewellWSSEPedestrian
Blackfoot Tr92 AveNSSEPedestrian
Blackfoot Tr92 AveSSSEPedestrian
Bow TrBalsam DrESSWPedestrian
Bow TrBalsam DrWSSWPedestrian
Country Hills BlvdSanderling DrESNWPedestrian
Country Hills BlvdSanderling DrWSNWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr14 AveNSNWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr14 AveSSNWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr24 AveNSSWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr24 AveSSSWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr55 AveNSSWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr55 AveSSSWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr9 AveNSNWPedestrian
Crowchild TrGlenmore TrSSSWPedestrian
Crowchild TrScarboroNSSWPedestrian
Crowchild TrScarboroSSSWPedestrian
Crowchild TrVarsity/DalhousieWSNWPedestrian
Crowchild TrVarsity/DalhousieESNWPedestrian
Crowchild Tr50 AveNSSWVehicle
Crowchild TrShaganappi TrESNWVehicle
Crowchild TrShaganappi TrWSNWVehicle
Glenmore TrLegsby RdWSSWPedestrian
Glenmore TrLegsby RdESSWPedestrian
Glenmore Tr18 StESSEVehicle
Glenmore Tr18 StWSSEVehicle
Glenmore TrElbow DrWSSWVehicle
John Laurie BlvdBrisbois DrESNWPedestrian
John Laurie BlvdBrisbois DrWSNWPedestrian
John Laurie BlvdHuron AveESNWPedestrian
John Laurie BlvdHuron AveWSNWPedestrian
Macleod Tr146 AveNSSWPedestrian
Macleod Tr146 AveSSSWPedestrian
Macleod Tr162 AveNSSWPedestrian
Macleod Tr162 AveSSSWPedestrian
MacLeod Tr31 AveNSSEPedestrian
MacLeod Tr31 AveSSSEPedestrian
McKnight Blvd1A StESNEPedestrian
McKnight Blvd1A StWSNEPedestrian
McKnight BlvdNorthmount DrESNWVehicle
McKnight BlvdNorthmount DrWSNWVehicle
McKnight Bv44 StESNEPedestrian
McKnight Bv44 StWSNEPedestrian
Memorial Dr21 StESNWPedestrian
Memorial Dr21 StWSNWPedestrian
Memorial Dr14 StESNWVehicle
Memorial Dr14 StWSNWVehicle
Metis Tr64  AveNSNEPedestrian
Metis Tr64  AveSSNEPedestrian
Sarcee TrEdgehill ClNSNWPedestrian
Sarcee TrEdgehill ClSSNWPedestrian
Shaganappi TrMarket MallNSNWPedestrian
Shaganappi TrMarket MallSSNWPedestrian
Shaganappi TrValiant DrNSNWPedestrian
Shaganappi TrValiant DrSSNWPedestrian
Shaganappi Tr16 AveSSNWVehicle
University Dr16 AveNSNWVehicle

See the printable banner location list

How to apply

Applications must be submitted a maximum of four months to a minimum of four weeks prior to the desired installation date.

The application must include:

  • A certificate of insurance with $ 2 million in liability insurance and a 30 day cancellation clause, naming the City of Calgary as additional insured for the period that the banners will be displayed.
  • A current Government of Alberta Corporation non-profit search document (available from a corporate registry).
  • A scaled detailed pdf drawing conforming to the banner design requirements.
Incomplete applications will be declined.

Once you register for a myID, you will be able to log into ePermits to apply.

If you need help or additional explanation when using the ePermits website, please see the ePermits frequently asked questions.

Multiple applications within a calendar year are based on availability and at the discretion of the Traffic Engineer. Each application must not be closer than three months apart.

Permit costs

A non-refundable $45 + GST fee for each confirmed banner location (maximum of 8 locations per application).

Note: Please ensure you make payment once you receive your ePay notification. If payment is not received, banner locations are automatically released and a new permit application must be submitted.


​​​​​​ Apply online​​

24 hours a day, seven days a week using your City of Calgary myID


$45 + GST per each approved banner location (maximum 8 per permit)


Minimum of four weeks to schedule and process.

Banners may be displayed for a maximum of two weeks.

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