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Permission to Permit

The Permission to Permit program allows the pre-payment of two fees:

  1. Pavement Degradation: charged to offset the increased repair and maintenance costs caused by excavating asphalt, and
  2. Top Lift Paving fees: charged on roads classified in good condition, to restore the road surface so it lasts the projected lifetime.
These two fees are usually charged on a per-permit, per-cut basis. A Permission to Permit enables these two fees to be pre-paid at a flat rate on a project basis. The advantage is the permit holder knows up front what the excavation costs are for the project.

Projects that Qualify for Pre-payment through Permission to Permit:

  • Single residential properties on local, collector or arterial roads; with
  • Lot sizes of 15.25 m (50’) or less; where
  • The total excavation will not exceed 100m2

Permission to Permit Fees

A Permission to Permit allows homeowners, general contractors and developers to pre-pay Pavement Degradation and Top Lift Paving at a flat rate on a project basis rather than per-permit and per-cut.

However, Pavement Degradation fees apply to every Permission to Permit but Top Lift Paving fees are only charged if the road is classified in good condition which means it has a Visual Condition Index (VCI) rating of 7 or greater. Use the map below to find VCI and Road Classification ratings.

​Road Classification ​Pavement Degradation fee ​Top Lift Paving fee
Local ​$1939.90 ​$3879.80
​Collector ​$1939.90 ​$4900.80
​Arterial ​$1939.90 ​$5921.80

Fees for Corner Lots: The pre-paid flat rate is doubled for corner lots because two roads may be impacted by the excavation. When the work is completed and The City inspects your site, if the excavation only occurred on one of the roads – in the front or the side of the property, the holder of the Permission to Permit may request a 50% refund.

Contact information

Email the Excavation Permit Office if you have any questions.


The Excavation Permit Office will respond to all email inquiries within two business days.

Note: Each Permission to Permit expires on December 31st of the year it was issued.

Related Information

How to Apply

To apply for a Permission to Permit, either:

  1. Email a completed application form and indicate that you need to make payment over the telephone. You will be contacted for payment within two business days. Please note, only credit card payments are accepted over the telephone.
  2. Bring a completed Permission to Permit Application to the Excavation Permit Office at: Main Floor, 677 25 Avenue S.E.
    Please note, payment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or certified cheque for the complete amount is due at time of application.

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