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Residential speed limits review

Update - July 2019

Given the recent budget discussions at City Council, the project team is deferring its report this summer. Technical work will continue on the project and the project team will be returning to City Council in Fall 2019 to provide an update.

Project background

The Residential Speed Limits Review aims to improve traffic safety for all users by reviewing operating speeds on Calgary’s residential streets. Learn more about The City's traffic safety programs.

In Calgary, traffic collisions account for a total societal cost of approximately $1.2 billion a year which include medical costs, first responder costs, property damage and lost productivity. As part of the Council-approved  Safer Mobility Plan, a key target is to achieve a 12 per cent reduction in the pedestrian and bicycle casualty collision rate per population of 100,000 based on a three-year rolling average.

Recent studies have shown that a 1% reduction in average driving speed is expected to result in a 2% reduction in all collisions, a 3% reduction in injury collisions and a 4% reduction in fatal collisions. Reducing driving speeds in residential neighbourhoods can also help Calgarians feel safer and more comfortable when moving around in their community, whether they choose to walk, cycle or drive.

Project status

  • The project team is exploring various scenarios on which streets in Calgary a speed limit reduction could apply to.
  • A thorough review is needed to examine what impact a speed limit reduction may have on City services and what this may cost.
  • A public engagement strategy is being developed on how to consult with Calgarians on what a speed reduction would mean in their community.
  • An important element of the speed limit review is the collection of baseline data across the city and a review of how other cities both in Canada and internationally have approached a speed reduction in residential communities.

Project timelines

  • June 2016 – Pedestrian Strategy approved
  • September 2018 – Notice of motion approved by City Council
  • December 2018 – Safer Mobility Plan (2019-2023) approved
  • Currently deferred – Report back to SPC for Transportation and Transit and City Council with an engagement plan on how Calgarians will be consulted
  • Currently deferred – Public engagement (pending Council approval)
  • Currently deferred – Report back to Council with Implementation Strategy and funding proposal
  • Currently deferred – Project implementation (pending Council approval and funding)


More information

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