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Roadside memorials

Memorials of flowers, stuffed animals and photos along our roadways are sad reminders that someone has lost their life in a motor vehicle incident. Unfortunately, because of the safety challenges these memorials pose to pedestrians and motorists, they must eventually be taken down.

A permanent option: the HALO Program

The City of Calgary created the Honour a Loved One (HALO) program as a way for grieving Calgarians to permanently memorialize a loved one lost in a motor vehicle incident. HALO allows an engraved commemorative steel band to be wrapped around a street light or traffic signal pole at or near the site of the incident.

To make arrangements for a HALO Roadside Memorial, please contact 311 (or call 403-268-2489 if calling from outside Calgary). The City will work with you to select a location for the HALO Memorial that will be both meaningful and safe.

View The City of Calgary's Roadside Memorial Policy.