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Jack Leslie Youth Environmental Grant

Jack Leslie Youth Environment Grant

Get $1,000 of funding for your youth environmental project!

The Jack Leslie Youth Environmental Grant honours the positive impact former Mayor Jack Leslie had on the city and the environment, and is awarded to youth in Calgary who continue his efforts. Projects must include the following:

  • Be located in Calgary
  • Directly benefit the environment in Calgary
  • Be planned and implemented by youth

Apply today! applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on April 29, 2019.

The Jack Leslie Youth Environmental Grant is supported by the Jack Leslie family, The City of Calgary and Youth Central.

2018 Award Recipients:

1. Arbour Lake School

Every spring, Arbour Lake School experiences water pooling and muddy terrain that collects at the bottom of a hill on school property. This leads to injuries, litter and extra work for janitorial staff. After consultation with the school and surrounding community, the team decided that a rain garden would be the most effective and visually-pleasing solution to their problem.

The students will use the grant money to plant highly absorbent plants in the rain garden and pathways near the school. This project is sure to leave a lasting legacy that future classes will carry on for years to come.

2. Bishop Carroll High School

A series of traffic circles have been constructed adjacent to Bishop Carroll High School. As part of the new construction, a dry pond has been added, introducing a whole new ecosystem to the area. This student team will identify important biotic and abiotic factors to test throughout the year.

This will allow them to observe any changes and continue to evaluate the health of the ecosystem. Because of the Jack Leslie Grant money, the students are able to expand their project to explore how the spring runoff alters the water chemistry of the Bow River. Both projects will engage students in their local environment in an authentic and tangible way.