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Manholes in Calgary

Manholes are access points to Calgary's water and wastewater​​ system. On the water side, they allow access to valve chambers for maintenance and repairs.

On the wastewater side, they provide access to pipes to allow us to clean and maintain wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.

Calgary's manholes are 21 inches (53.340 centimetres) in diameter, and are maintained and managed by Water Services.

Important: Do not ever attempt to open a manhole cover or enter a manhole. If you find an unattended manhole that is open, please contact 311 immediately.

Report a manhole issue

If you are experiencing any of the following issues with a manhole, please contact 311 or complete the online 311 request below.

  • Manhole cover is off or missing
  • Manhole is loose or doesn't fit properly
  • Manhole is making loud sounds
  • Manhole is discharging substances or flowing onto the street

Manhole Concerns

Report a high or low manhole

Calgary's manhole art

The Chinook manhole covers were a joint project between Infrastructure and Public Art, blending utility with the artistic. Garry Williams, a Calgary-based artist, created these covers to evoke the wind and chinooks that are part of our culture and climate.

The 500 limited edition manhole covers are located in Eau Claire, Stephen Avenue, Olympic Plaza, 17th Avenue, Kensington and certain LRT stations.

Photo credit for the manhole cover pictures - thanks to Bill Longstaff.

Did you know

Most manhole covers are round to prevent them from accidently slipping down their holes and into the sewer system.

Did you know

A manhole cover is also called "a biscuit"

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