Centre City Banner Program

Centre City Banner Program Banners in the city’s core

The Centre City Banner Program engages local artists to create artwork for banners placed on six bridges leading into the core and on the Olympic Plaza pergola, acting as gateways to Calgary’s downtown and cultural district.

A different artist is selected by a jury each year to create a new look and story welcoming visitors to the downtown. For over a decade, the banner program has transformed Calgary’s gateway bridges into open air galleries for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Current Artist - Jarett Sitter

Artist Statement:


“When I first began the process for the banner project, I was thinking a lot about Alberta wildlife and the different environments they live in. As the year 2020 went on, things got weirder, quarantines went into effect and people became more isolated. It became increasingly important to me to create something that could bring a sense of happiness to people who would see the banners.

Besides the friends and family I couldn’t see during the pandemic, the things I missed the most were art and live music. I decided to make the animals as a sort of band. Each animal plays their respective instrument in their own “home” environments: the prairies, the mountains, a lake, etc., all creating beautiful music together, for themselves and each other.

On my summer walks, the city banners were one of the few pieces of art I’d get to see. I hope these banners bring a source of joy and a reminder of some of the things that we love, while you discover new details over multiple viewings.”


Jarett Sitter


Jarett works as a full-time freelance illustrator/animator. He currently sits as a board member for Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary.

His inspiration comes from skateboarding graphics, music, album covers, and Saturday morning cartoons. He plays with these nostalgic elements to create unique worlds.

His illustrations and live-action animation can be described as creepy and playful, with elements of softness and manic absurdity. He creates a world with no explanation and brings strange characters to life. These misfit characters follow their own narrative to embrace small moments of discovery and the childish curiosity of exploration.

Jarett has contributed animation and post-production work for Juno Award and Much Music Video Award nominated music videos. He also illustrated the music cover issue of Believer Magazine in 2018.

View more of Jarett’s work on his website jaretts.com or follow him on Instagram @deepcuts.