Open Spaces: Windows to a View

Open Spaces: Windows to a View Exhibition space for Canadian artists

This program offers local and regional artists an opportunity to showcase their art in a highly visible downtown location while working with a professional guest curator. The program, which began in 2009, celebrates the diversity and quality of works by regional artists, while enlivening the Centre Street LRT platform on 7 Avenue between 1 Street S.E. and Centre Street.

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The City of Calgary is gradually transitioning key components of the public art program, such as the Open Spaces initiative, to Calgary Arts Development (CADA). Both The City and CADA are committed to working with artists and the public to create a positive, meaningful and enriching program for the future. Learn more about the new direction for public art.

Current exhibition

Community of the Self - Matthew O’Reilly

About the artist

Matthew O’Reilly is an emerging artist who recently completed his MFA in ceramics at the Alberta University for the Arts in Calgary. He holds an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Education, and a Masters in Education with a specialization in social justice from LakeHead University. He is a passionate educator, as well as a formidable maker, who uses the figure and clay as a starting point for intuitive investigations of the human condition. Matthew will spend the next year investigating satirical ceramic monuments during a residency with the Medalta Centre in Medicine Hat Alberta.

Artist statement

This project and my current studio practice explores conceptualizing the self not as an individual, but rather, a community. One can think of this in the literal sense where we are different from moment to moment as we accumulate experience. Also, consider the biological material that makes up our material existence, it is constantly recycling and renewing to the point that the material I am composed of changes week to week, month to month, and year to year. In a more poetic sense, I am exploring the idea of us being multiple people, fighting for grip on the wheel of our motivations and actions. This project is an attempt to visually explore this idea and myself.

Past exhibits

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