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A mural reflecting the symbols and stories from both FilipinX and Indigenous cultures.

About the project

Created by the FilipinX Kasaganaan Artist Collective, Convergence is a mural that features augmented reality technology. It is located on the west-facing wall of the Good Neighbour Community Market building at 149 5th Avenue S.E.

To create the design, the artist collective brought together FilipinX artists and elders with Indigenous artists and elders. They met four times over a period of three months to discuss themes of empathy, equality and the environment. The resulting mural is a combination of symbols that come together in the middle.

A handshake is considered a traditional greeting for both Indigenous and Filipino culture. It’s the main focal point of the mural, which is placed in the center of the overall composition. A handshake also symbolizes the opportunity for connection and the openness to feel compassion towards somebody. Each hand symbolizes Indigenous and Filipino culture, which also shows how we both welcome each other. The Indigenous Elders taught us that our goal is to coexist with each other and connect to all living things, including plants and animals.

About the artists

The FilipinX Kasaganaan Artist Collective is Gladzy Kei, Von Zuniga, and Allan Brent Rosales – three multitalented artists with broad-ranging backgrounds united by culturally-rich and thoughtful art.

Gladzy Kei is a Filipino-Canadian contemporary muralist and illustrator from Calgary. She’s a visual artist who focuses on bringing colour, happiness and positivity through her work. As an immigrant artist, she has been working as a professional muralist since 2015 and has worked with a wide range of Calgary and international clients. Her murals showcase the use of whimsical lines, minimalist colors and patterns. She is also passionate about illustrating images that represent diversity in culture through food murals and costume design.

As Chief Imaginary at MAMMOTH XR, Von Zuniga oversees a huge variety of visual content in new and exciting spaces. In addition to having a keen eye for aesthetics, Von also creates content in various mediums for a number of platforms. These skills include 3D modeling, motion graphics/2D animation, video editing, photography as well as user experience (UX) design. Some of his past work includes tying together augmented reality and painted murals where the paintings come to life.

Allan Brent Rosales is a visual artist, art therapist and community connector. Born and raised in Calgary / Mohkinstsis, Allan’s artwork depicts a pluralist view of FilipinX identity and all the ways our community holds space. Allan’s practice spans many mediums including drawing, painting, poetry, photography, digital art and most recently murals. Allan also has an MA in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University and has worked in healthcare and arts-based organizations for 15 years.

Artist-initiated public art projects

This project was funded through 2020 public art microgrants which supported artists impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We invited Calgary and area artists to submit their project ideas to create art in public spaces. Professional artists of all experience levels were encouraged to partner with community associations, businesses or private landowners to explore any form of public art in any part of the city.

The successful artists were asked to consider three things:

  • Connection to place: How does your artistic idea connect to the location and its history?
  • Engaging the community: How is your artwork connected to the community and the people in it?
  • Fostering dialogue: How will your artwork create dialogue about diversity, empathy, accessibility, equality, social justice and/or the environment, as well as Indigenous history and creating a path towards reconciliation?