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A community-based public art residency

The City of Calgary is pleased to announce that the local and national artists have been selected for the Open AiR (Artists in Residency) program. sophia bartholomew, Alana Bartol and artistic duo Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton have been chosen to undertake the twelve-week community-based public art residency for this year’s pilot program from August to October.

sophia bartholomew is an artist from Fredericton, New Brunswick who uses performance, language and other time-based media. While researching performance art, she will host a series of artist talks, live performances, workshops and screenings in her studio at Fire Hall #6 to engage local history, feminist history, seasons, cycles and models of collaborative learning.

Cuban artist Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo will be hosted in Calgary from October 2 - 15, contributing her own artistic research to bartholomew's project.


Canadian artist, curator and educator Alana Bartol is originally from Ontario. Alana lives in Calgary and uses the urban space as inspiration for her work. She is using her Open AiR residency to explore themes of memory, place and culture using the process of enfleurage, a method of fragrance extraction that originated in the 18th century.

Award-winning interdisciplinary artists Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton work together to weave elements of craft, performance, printmaking and cultural geography to create playful projects.

The residency is located in the historic Fire Hall #6 in the Hillhurst Sunnyside community next to the Louise Bridge connecting to the Downtown West community. The artists were selected by a seven-member panel consisting of community members, local arts professionals and City representatives, with advisors who specialize in specific disciplines.


Following the direction of the recently developed Public Art Master Plan, the Open AiR program will support local artists to gain skills and develop a stronger practice while stimulating interest, advocacy and support for public art. The residency is open on regional and national levels to allow the exchange of skills and ideas as well as to create bridges between artistic communities.

Citizens will be engaged in the program and will be invited to various artist-led activities. The program will also be an occasion to build communities or to reinforce them through the artist’s explorations with the participation of The City, community associations, grassroots organizations and citizens and other stakeholders.

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More information available in the Call to Artists.

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