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Rooted in Community

A community art project in West Hillhurst that sees plants as members of our communities.

About the project

Rooted in Community is a public art project that connects the community of people to the community of plants in their neighbourhood.

Our history with plants has paralleled since the First Peoples made their home on these lands. The plants have offered us food, shelter, medicine, wisdom and continue to provide us all the shared experience of appreciating their beauty and resilience. We cultivate them and share relationships with them in our gardens, parks, public spaces and even in our homes.

In many Indigenous traditions it is said that plants are our relatives, like an aunt or uncle or a grandparent; they remind us of our connection to the earth, that we (humans) are also a part of nature, and that we are all related.

The project has been underway since 2020 and features 36 signs located throughout the West Hillhurst Community, the installation of a new artwork at the West Hillhurst Community Association and the launch of a new online resource.

About the artist

Blank Page Studio is designed to support a creative community. It is a company for people committed to the growth of independent projects and the development of mindful, local business. By sharing resources, skills and responsibilities, Blank Page Studio intends to foster new ideas and explore creative process.

Blank Page Studio began in 2014 with reimagining the use of an under-utilized commercial building in Calgary’s Kensington business district. The space has since been thoughtfully customized into a versatile workspace supporting the professional needs of a growing collection of progressive local businesses and individuals.

The opportunity to draw from the collective skills and satellite communities that make up Blank Page Studio allows them to experiment beyond the walls of their physical space.