Public Art Sunnyside skatepark murals

Nine vibrant murals provide color and movement to the Sunnyside skatepark and the journey from there to the Sunnyside LRT station.

Canadian street artists Dan BergeronGabriel Specter and Calgary graffiti artist Toner created nine murals with a common design approach and use of vibrating colour patterns. The mural project was funded through the citizen-led Bow to Bluff corridor redevelopment project that now boasts amenities such as seating, tables, barbeques, play structures, a community garden, skatepark, ping-pong tables and a bocce ball court.

The artists mentored emerging Calgary-based artists MidesstashNance and Paige Harris to assist with the painting of the murals, helping them to gain valuable work experience and knowledge for expanding their practices into the realm of public art. 

The first two murals at the skatepark capture the infectious energy, boundless creativity and elegance of the sport of skateboarding. Images of Calgary skateboarders the artists took in the park were the inspiration for these murals. Depending on where you happen to be standing when you view these works, they may look like recognizable skateboarding tricks in motion or a more abstract image as you move further away.

BS Nosegrind by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter

Kickflip by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter

The third mural at the park is its name in graffiti style writing, a form of artwork heavily connected to skateboard culture.

Sunnyside mural by Toner

The remaining six murals along the LRT fencing were guided by the teachings of a Siksika Elder who spoke with the artists about the history of the land where their artworks would be located. The Elder provided valuable insights about the site’s resources and its connection to Siksika history, culture and Ways of Knowing. These murals are the artists’ interpretation of some of the elements of these teachings.

Magpies in Flight by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter

Bison by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter

Kids at Play by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter

Circles by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter

Bow Valley Flora by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter

Saskatoon Bush by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter