Surplus Furniture Sale

Surplus Furniture Sale

The Surplus Furniture Sale is moving online!

The Surplus Furniture Sale is an opportunity for the public and City staff to purchase furniture from The City of Calgary that is no longer usable at City sites, but that has been deemed suitable for other purposes. 

The sale is open to the public and City staff through the online portal.

How furniture is reused within The City of Calgary

Many pieces of furniture have multiple lives and purposes at City sites after being reused, repaired and upcycled. The City of Calgary strives to reuse as much furniture as possible within The Corporation before putting it up for public sale.

Once furniture is no longer required at a City site, it is sent to the Corporate Warehouse. At the warehouse, furniture is assessed and sorted into one of three categories:

  • reusable within City sites
  • no longer useful within City sites 
  • not fit for use.

Reusable City standard furniture is stocked for future reuse within City sites. Furniture that is not reusable but deemed suitable for another purpose is put into the Surplus Furniture Sale.

Frequently asked questions

What type of furniture is typically listed for sale?

Furniture items listed for sale are never guaranteed since they are based on availability of items, but some of the most common items listed for sale is office furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, chairs and shelving units.

To find current items listed, please click here

What happens to furniture that is not fit for use?

City furniture determined not to be fit for use within City sites or by the public, is broken down and used for its wooden and metal parts.  

Are other items listed for sale, aside from furniture?

If you are looking for other surplus items for sale, you can visit the Surplus Sales & Public Auctions webpage by clicking here

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Email the Surplus Furniture Sale team to answer your questions. You should receive a response within one business day.