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Illegal dumping in Calgary

Illegal dumping in Calgary

When someone deliberately dumps waste on public or private property without consent, they are dumping illegally. This practice is common in out-of-the-way places like parks, back roads, open lots, alleys and newly developing areas. 

Illegal dumping costs everyone, negatively affects our environment, wildlife, and use of public spaces, and can create safety hazards. When items are dumped in public spaces, The City must absorb these costs, reducing other service opportunities.

Did you know?

Large items placed along fences or alongside residential collection carts will not be collected by Waste & Recycling Services (WRS). Large items placed beside dumpsters also will not be collected by the various Waste Collection Companies that service them. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Furniture
  • BBQs
  • Mattresses
  • Yard waste i.e. leaves, grass and branches
  • Construction material i.e. drywall, siding, shingles, carpet, lumber

All waste must be disposed of properly. Large, bulky waste and construction debris can be dropped off at a City of Calgary Throw N'Go site for a fee. See the list of residential items that may be disposed of at no cost.

Calgary offers various waste management options, including recycling, composting, and waste collection services. Utilize these resources to ensure waste is handled appropriately and minimize environmental impact.

Report a concern

We need you to report instances of illegal dumping. If you observe debris or dumped material, or witness illegal dumping please call 311 or report online or report using the 311 App.

Report your concerns - We need you to report illegal dumping

If you have observed debris or dumped material that needs to be cleaned up:

  1. Take a picture of the debris or dumped material
  2. Record the address of where you have observed debris or dumped material
  3. Call 311 or report online or report using the 311 App

If calling 311 to report, specify immediately to the 311 Agent the location of the debris or dumped material. Be specific: was it in a backlane, on a sidewalk or boulevard, in a park, on private property, on other City property.

If reporting online or on the 311 App, select the most appropriate service request category from the selection menu based on the location of the debris or dumped material:

  • Debris on backlane
  • Debris on Street/Sidewalk/Boulevard
  • Garbage debris in Park
  • Garbage debris on Private Property Complaint
  • Illegal dumping on City property

If you witness someone dumping illegally:

  1. Write down as much information as you can including:
    • License plate number
    • Description of the vehicle
    • Description of the people
    • Description of the items being dumped
    • Time the incident happened
    • Location the incident happened
  2. Take a photo if you are able and it is safe to do so
  3. Call 311 or report online
  4. Provide your name, address, phone number and the details of your concern in case your testimony is required in court.

After you call 311, The City takes these steps to help with your issue:

  1. A Service Request is created specifying your concerns
  2. A Community Standards Peace Officer will review the Service Request and begin their investigation, usually within 7-10 business days
  3. The officer may contact you to complete a witness statement or obtain further information
  4. The officer may issue an order or warning notice to remedy the problem within a specified time frame
  5. A violation ticket may also be issued as a last resort, depending on the circumstances
  6. You may be contacted to appear as a witness if the matter goes to court

Protecting your privacy

The information you provide will be used to process your complaint, but your name and address will not be made available to anyone else. For more information on how The City protects your privacy visit Freedom of Information and Privacy.