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Appeals and Tribunals

The Appeals and Tribunals division of the City Clerk's Office supports the following quasi-judicial boards:

The Calgary Assessment Review Board (ARB) is an impartial tribunal that hears formal complaints from property and business owners who disagree with the assessed values of their property and business, as determined by The City of Calgary. For more information on the ARB, or to file a complaint online, please visit

The LCSAB is an independent tribunal established to hear appeals of a variety of decisions made by The City of Calgary's administration, including decisions on licences issued under the Livery Transport Bylaw, remedial orders issued under the Community Standards Bylaw, business licences, alarm permits and others. For more information on the LCSAB, please visit

The SDAB is independent from The City of Calgary and hears appeals on development permits, subdivision decisions and enforcement orders issued by The City of Calgary. More information on the SDAB and filing an appeal can be found at