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Administration Policy Library

Welcome to The City of Calgary Administration Policy Library. The Administration Policy Library is an online reference of corporate policies. Administration policies are policy statements that:

  • are approved by the Administrative Leadership Team
  • focus on the internal workings of The City as a corporation
  • primarily impact and address City employees and contractors.

The City of Calgary gives employees, contractors and citizens access to the Administration Policy Library because public availability of such information is a cornerstone of transparency and accountability.

For ease of reference, the administration policies are divided into financial administration policies and general administration policies.

If you are looking for Council policies you can find them in the Council Policy Library. Council policies are policy statements that: are approved by City Council, provide strategic direction on programs and services delivered by The City; primarily impact and address residents of Calgary; provide an official position on plans to govern the people of Calgary; and are within Council's jurisdiction under the Municipal Government Act.

“Please note that these policies are subject to change without notice at the discretion of The City.”​​​