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Administration Policy Library

The City of Calgary Administration Policy Library is an online reference of corporate administration policies. It was established to promote awareness, transparency and accountability, and to serve as a convenient reference for City Council, City Administration, and the citizens of Calgary.

Administration policies focus on the internal workings of The City as a corporation. They are approved by the Executive Leadership Team and primarily impact and address City employees and contractors. These policies are created, updated, and deleted on an ongoing basis without notice. The Corporate Governance Service maintains this library and guides the development of administration policies.

If you are looking for policies approved by Council that impact residents of Calgary, you can find them in the Council Policy Library.

Corporate Governance

Provides administration policies, frameworks, rules and standards to direct service delivery

Corporate Security

Emergency Management and Business Continuity

Prepares for and responds to major emergencies, disasters, & business disruptions

Environmental Management

​Addresses environmental issues, risks, opportunities & trends

Executive Leadership

Provides organizational leadership to deliver on the expectations of citizens and employees.

Financial Support

Fleet Management

Human Resources Support

Infrastructure Support

​Provides expertise in energy, project and asset management, land planning management, and capital construction

Insurance & Claims

Identify and mitigate risks and address damages or potential liabilities due to municipal operations

IT Solutions & Support

Provides technology, devices, infrastructure solutions

Legal Counsel & Advocacy

​Represents The City in legal proceedings

Organizational Health, Safety & Wellness

Supports the health, safety and wellness of City employees.


Public parking & enforcement of Calgary's parking policies & bylaws

Procurement and Warehousing

Real Estate Services

Handles all City real estate transactions for sustainable land management

Records Management, Access & Privacy

Strategic Marketing & Communications​