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Firefighter Pre-Screening Process

Our Firefighter Pre-Screening Process is designed to be a fair and thorough competition. It results in the most suitable applicants being presented with conditional job offers. Learn more about the process below.

This process is a guideline and is subject to change. If you have questions about this process, please read our pre-screening process FAQ.

What can I expect when I apply?

After you apply for the pre-screening process, you will receive instructions at the start of each step and then the results of that step by email. If you are unsuccessful at any step, you will be advised of your eligibility to re-apply.

Expect to travel to Calgary multiple times for testing.

The fees collected during the process are non-refundable as our testing is run on a cost-recovery basis. The fees are listed in the steps below. All fees are subject to change. If you need assistance there may be options within our resources.

Step one: Online Application & Pre-Screen

​The first step to applying is to fill in the online application. Application deadlines and the ‘Apply Now’ button will be posted on the Firefighter Recruitment page. They will only be posted when we are taking applications so check the page regularly for updates.

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Step two: Fire Service Aptitude Test

​Once your application is approved, you will be asked to write an aptitude test. The fee for the test is $75 + GST. Review the study guide before taking the test.

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Step three: Documentation Review

​When you reach this step, you will need to upload any documents that prove you have the qualifications listed in your application as well as your completed personal history statement. If you don’t meet the minimum qualifications before you apply, your application will be rejected.

If you have questions about this step, read our FAQ.

Step four: Interview

​After we have checked that you have the required qualifications, you will need to attend an interview. We use behavioural based questions in our interviews and you will be expected to give your answers in the STAR format.

Step five: Applicant File Review

A Recruitment Team member will contact you to conduct a Pre-Screen Interview to assess job fit and preparedness. We will also go over your​ Personal History Statement (PHS) with you to give you a chance to review the document and ask questions about the polygraph exam​.

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Step six: Pre-Employment Polygraph Exam

​You will need to complete a polygraph exam to confirm the information you provided in your Personal History Statement. The fee for this exam is $500 + GST.

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Step seven: Candidate Physical Ability Test

​Completing a physical ability test is a requirement of the pre-screening process. You will have the chance to attend an orientation and timed trial prior to your scheduled test time. If you take this test in Calgary, you will have the chance to attend an orientation and timed trial prior to your scheduled test. The fee for taking the test at our facility is $200 + GST.

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Step eight: Selection Committee

​If you complete the application process to this point, your file will be sent to a Selection Committee. They will review your file to determine if you are suitable for hire.

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Step nine: Eligibility List

​If you are suitable for hire, your name will be placed on the eligibility list until you are presented with a conditional job offer.

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Step ten: Conditional Job Offer (CJO)

If you receive a conditional job offer, you are required to meet the conditions listed in it before you can start recruit training. A number of things will happen at this step; we will explain everything in detail when you reach this step. You will be:

  • ensuring all of your certifications are up to date
  • signing a Conditional Job Offer
  • completing a Medical Knowledge Exam
  • providing a new driver’s abstract
  • providing a new police information check
  • completing online training modules
  • completing a medical and fitness assessment including the treadmill test
  • attending uniform fittings
  • attending a full-day recruit orientation
  • possibly moving to the Calgary area and getting your Alberta Driver’s License

If you have questions about this step read our FAQ.

Useful resources in Calgary and Alberta

We have put together a list of resources that may help you with our pre-screening process.

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