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Tips for Building a Dynamic LinkedIn Profile

Here are some relevant suggestions for building a good LinkedIn profile. It is all about connecting, and putting together a profile that will lead to a further conversation.

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Don't cut and paste your resumé.
LinkedIn hooks you into a network, not just a human resources department. You wouldn't hand out your resumé before introducing yourself, so don't do it here. Instead, describe your experience and abilities as you would to someone you just met.

Market yourself naturally.
Light up your profile with your voice. Picture yourself at a client meeting or interview. How do you introduce yourself? That's your authentic voice.

Put your elevator pitch to work.
Go back to your interview or client meeting introduction. That 30-second description, the essence of who you are and what you do, is a personal elevator pitch. Use it in the "Summary" section to engage readers.

Point out your skills.
Think of the "Specialties" section as your personal search engine optimizer, a way to refine the way people find and remember you. This section can house particular abilities and interests you have, as well as the personal values you bring to your profession.

Explain your experience.
Help the reader grasp the key points: briefly say what the company does and what you did or do for them. Picture yourself at that conference, again. Use clear, succinct phrases to describe yourself and your company.

Make a good first impression.
Use an impactful photo – this should be a headshot, with strong eye contact, and dressed professionally.

Distinguish yourself from the crowd.
Use the "Additional Information" section to round out your profile with a few key interests. If you belong to a trade association or an interest group, help other members find you by naming those groups. If you're an award winner or have been recognized by peers, customers or employers, mention that here to add prestige to your profile.

Improve your page rank.
Get recommendations from colleagues, clients, and employers who can speak credibly about your abilities or performance. Ask them to focus on a specific skill or personality trait.

Build your connections.
Connections are one of the most important aspects of your brand: the company you keep reflects the quality of your brand. Identify connections that will add to your credibility and pursue those.


The tips above were adapted from online articles written by the University of Toronto Human Resources and Equity and Business Insider.

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