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Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR) offers high-quality services to our customers through a portfolio-focused HR delivery system.

Our services include:


We will strive for excellence and demonstrate our passion through being:

  • Partners, accountable for accomplishing strategic human-resource objectives that clearly contribute to business results;
  • Stewards for all employees; recognizing and increasing their contributions to The City; and
  • Catalysts, identifying human-resource opportunities; supporting and encouraging business partners and employees through change.


As a seamless human-resource practice, we will:

  • help shape and integrate the human resource objectives throughout the corporation, and share in the design and delivery of services that achieve those objectives;
  • consistently apply the highest quality professional human resources services in alignment with business needs;
  • measure our performance in meeting internal customers' needs and against external best-of-class human-resource practices;
  • support the development of employees to their full potential of adding value to corporate goals;
  • enable management and employees to meet their commitments to each other;
  • be accountable for the highest professional and ethical standards;
  • shape a work culture that supports diversity, innovation, risk-taking, and sustainable change; and
  • continuously examine and improve the delivery of flexible and innovative human-resource services.