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Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

24/7 access for Human Solutions CISM services: 1-800-663-1142

A critical incident is any situation faced by a City employee or group of employees that causes unusual or strong emotional reactions that may interfere with the ability to function, either immediately or in the future.

Common examples of when to call Human Solutions for CISM services include:

  • assaults or threats to an employee
  • the serious injury or death of an employee at work, outside the workplace or after business hours
  • the death of a non-employee as a result of business operations
  • significant workplace medical emergency or accident
  • multi-casualty incidents
  • natural disasters (floods, severe storms)

What should I do if a critical incident has occurred?

Call 1-800-663-1142 anytime, day or night.

Homewood Human Solutions will connect you to a trauma counsellor in Calgary who will provide appropriate CISM services. This may include:

  • on scene support within two hours
  • debriefings/structured group sessions done to mitigate or resolve the psychological stress associated with the event; they are conducted by a Human Solutions trauma counsellor and usually scheduled between 48-72 hours after the incident
  • defusing/immediate interventions (within 24 hours); they are conducted by a Human Solutions trauma counsellor, but are less formal, shorter in duration and do not explore the emotional experience in the same depth as a debriefing
  • one-on-one meetings
  • informal discussions
  • supervisor/management coaching
  • individual follow-up and referral

CISM services do not replace:

  • incident investigation and reporting
  • emergency and first-aid procedures
  • external communication procedures
  • disability management processes