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Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is a city program that provides Wi-Fi service in select city facilities or locations using the Shaw Go WiFi network. The service will be available to any member of the public at no charge.

Current locations

CTrain (LRT) stations

Public Wi-Fi is available at all LRT stations.

Downtown sites
  • Devonian Gardens
  • Olympic Plaza 
  • Shaw Millennium Park
  • 3rd Floor Municipal Building customer counter areas (development & permit, finance and tax)
N.W. sites
  • Father David Bauer/Norma Bush Arenas
  • Foothills Aquatic Centre
  • Murray Copot Arena
  • North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre
  • Shouldice Aquatic Centre
  • Shouldice Arena
  • Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre
  • Thornhill Aquatic & Recreation Centre
N.E. sites
  • Henry Viney/Stew Hendry Arenas
  • Renfrew Aquatic & Recreation Centre
  • Village Square Leisure Centre
S.W. sites
  • Beltline Aquatic & Fitness Centre
  • Canyon Meadows Aquatic and Fitness Centre
  • Glenmore Aquatic Centre
  • Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Centre
  • Optimist/George Blundun Arenas
  • Rose Kohn/Jimmie Condon Arenas
  • Shaganappi Point Golf Course
  • Southland Leisure Centre
  • Stu Peppard Arena
  • Wildflower Arts Centre
S.E. sites
  • Acadia Aquatic Centre
  • Bob Bahan Aquatic & Fitness Centre
  • Calgary Parking Authority Impound Lot
  • Calgary Soccer Centre
  • Ernie Starr Arena
  • Inglewood Aquatic Centre
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Maple Ridge Golf Course
  • Max Bell Centre Arenas

New city locations with Shaw Go WiFi Public Guest access will be added to this page as they become available.


How to connect to the service

Select ShawGuest on the list of available Wi-Fi networks at participating city facilities. Users will be prompted to register for the service and will receive 500MB of data per 30 days. Once the data has expired and the 30 days has passed, users will be required to sign in again.
If a user leaves a city location with Guest Access, the Wi-Fi access will time out. Users must reconnect to the Guest network to continue receiving Wi-Fi access.

Available data

ShawGuest access is available up to 500MB per 30 day period. If users exceed this amount they will need to wait for the remaining 30 days to expire before they can connect again. 

No Cost

There is no cost to access the public Shaw Go WiFi Public Guest network. The Request for Proposal stipulated that the Wi-Fi will be delivered at the expense of the provider in exchange for access to city facilities.  

Existing Shaw Customers

ShawGuest Access is available to all members of the public. Existing Shaw customers can login in to ShawOpen and access over 50,000 hotspots or have the option to register for a ShawGuest account.  

Technical Support

Users can call Shaw Support at 1-855-877-WIFI (9434) for technical assistance. The City of Calgary does not provide technical assistance and will redirect users to contact Shaw.

Providing feedback

You can provide feedback about the public Wi-Fi service by filling out  The Public Wi-Fi 311 Service Request.


In January 2013 The City of Calgary distributed a Request for Proposal inviting applicants to outline plans to deliver a public WiFi service at the expense of the provider, and at no cost to the public, in exchange for access to city facilities. The successful bid was awarded to Shaw Communications Inc.