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Ward 14 Wordsmith Awards

In their studies, the grade six students of Alberta learn about government, including municipal government. I have been inviting the grade six students of Ward 14 to participate in a writing contest for seven years now. The goal is to inspire the kind of passion for democracy and public service that my colleagues at City Hall share, but may overlook as a given sometimes. What I have always said is that if I can inspire just one, then the endeavor has been worthwhile. It is great if we can teach some kids about government, and this year is a very special year for the Ward 14 Wordsmith Awards. That is because, after seven years, the inaugural class is now eligible to vote!

The 2018 Winner!

Congratulations Nicole Ibragimov! Nicole attends Mrs. Alaina Crone’s grade 6 class at Fish Creek Elementary School in Sundance. She won with her amazing knowledge and writing skill that stood out amongst the most participation I have had to date. She takes home the award, a trophy, a signed Johnny Gaudreau jersey courtesy of the Calgary Flames, and her entire class visited City Hall for a tour!

Why should I care about Municipal Government?

By Nicole Ibragimov

Picture yourself walking down the roads of Calgary, and noticing children crying, because they want to play outside. As brown water trails into the drain pipes, garbage flows behind it. You peer around and see a handicap person struggling to go home in the cold. Thanks to the Municipal Government of Calgary, we don’t need to experience this because they provide us with transportation, clean water and other services.

Of course everyone agrees on how much transportation is a helpful way to get to places, and not have to waste the energy of 522,000 citizens, I don’t think it would be pleasant running and walking place to place because there's no Transit.  We should take the time to acknowledge the Municipal Government for giving us CTrains and buses. It is important we have these because it helps us get from place to place in a short amount of time, and lets people travel to the mall or schools. Some school busses even allow handicap people to come on, by having the back door flip into a ramp. Without transportation everybody would have to take longer and it would take people way more time to get to places.

There are many ways in which clean water could save you happiness. Coming home after the gym and hoping for a nice clean shower but instead of clean water, dirty muddy water appears. Among Canada, the U.S and Mexico Calgary has provided the cleanest water for many years. For a long period of time, clean water was filtered and decided on by the Municipal Government which helps us with our clean water. For example, when you wash the dishes (by hand) the water comes out of the tap clean. As well, when you flush the toilet the water that fills up the bowl would be clean. You should realize that the Municipal Government cares about us, so we should care about them and not waste water.

It’s amazing to think about how many recreation facilities that the Government provides us with. It’s not just parks and clubs that we have but also swimming pools that we could visit at the YMCA, and skating arenas and athletic parks. Some of the main recreational facilities such as art centers can actually help some students or kids how to do things like draw and sculpt items out of clay. Some citizens think that just because your parents sign you up for something like a sport you don’t really think about how long it took the Government to sort this out.  Just because Municipal Government is the smallest of the Federal and Provincial Government doesn’t mean we can't care about them, in fact we should care about them more because they are in our daily life more often.

As you could tell Municipal Government does a very important role for the citizens. In this essay you learned about the importance of transportation, why clean water is important and many facts about services the Government provides us with. Just remember that it’s never too late to be involved with Municipal Government and to keep Calgary a place to make a life, and a great way to make a living.