Ward 14 - Peter Demong

Notice of motion: Use of flashing lights on school buses


First brought to Council: February 23, 2015

Outcome: Carried

Traffic safety is one of the biggest issues that the City of Calgary faces. When a seven year old boy is struck while exiting a school bus, it becomes even more clear how important safe driving is, and even more apparent that it needs to be a top priority of City Council. Ward 14 has mostly residential streets where children and parents cross to get to playgrounds and schools. Protecting pedestrians on these streets is one of the most important things that City Council can do.

Currently, City of Calgary Bylaw 26M96 only requires school buses to use flashing lights on a few specific streets when picking up or dropping off school children. When a school bus flashes its lights cars going both directions must stop and wait for children to cross. The reason for the sporadic implementation of the flashing lights is unclear, and does not seem to be rooted in common sense. The City’s new-found authority to adjust playground zone times presents a logical opening to review where flashing lights can be used, and the opportunity to ensure they are used more frequently.

Recognizing the opportunity to make Calgary’s streets significantly safer, Councillor Peter Demong and Councillor Joe Magliocca brought a motion to Council. The motion asked administration to explore amending Bylaw 26M96 to permit the use of flashing school bus lights throughout Calgary.

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