Community gardens can enhance the health and well-being of neighbourhoods and communities in Calgary. The City values community gardens and supports the creation of new community gardens on public lands, as well as the retention of existing community gardens in the city. We're pleased to support community gardens by working with a variety of community organizations.

Community garden requirements

Interested in starting a community garden?

First, contact your local Community Association to find similarly interested community members. Together, determine a potential location(s) for the new garden to be submtted to The City of Calgary Parks.

Next, contact 311 to submit your request and provide the group's primary contact information.

If the application is approved by Parks, certain requirements will need to be met and documentation submitted. View achecklist of requirements needed once Parks has approved a location.

The City accepts community garden applications year-round and they are processed on a first-come first-served basis. Preference will be given to the development of one garden per community first; additional sites may be considered for approval depending on the community need and community support.

What happens next?

Each community garden is unique. Applications will be reviewed from a site specific perspective to determine if the plan for the garden is compatible with existing site use and any limitations such as environmental conditions, future development and/or access considerations. A diversity of garden styles will be encouraged to address the variety of sites and incorporate conditions of development. Site elements such as irrigation, tree cover and slope will be considered, along with distance from other recreational and residential spaces.

In addition to the land approval, new gardens may receive up to $5,000 in-kind support from The City. Funding will vary in the amount based on site location and the availability of resources and will not be available for established community gardens. For a list of granting agencies please contact the Community Gardens Resource Network.

For more information, please visit our FAQ or contact Parks.

Further information on Community Gardens can be found on the Calgary Horticultural Society website including information from the January 2013 Community Garden Information Harvest event.​​​​​