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ENMAX Community Solar Fund

Program Update

The ENMAX Community Solar Fund has been fully allocated to projects at this time. We would like to thank the 30+ community associations that have partnered with us on this program to bring solar energy generation to their communities. While we are not accepting further projects at this time, we would still like to hear from interested community associations as we work to identify potential partners for future renewable energy opportunities.

Program Overview

The ENMAX Community Solar Fund is a partnership between The City and ENMAX to deliver $5-million of solar energy installations at community buildings across Calgary.

The fund is a one-time contribution that is being used for the design and construction of solar photovoltaic energy generation systems benefiting local neighborhoods. The City of Calgary is administering the program and ENMAX Energy is providing the solar equipment and hiring tradespeople to install the equipment. Community Associations will take on the ongoing operations and maintenance responsibilities to ensure longevity and performance of the solar systems.

Selection Process

The City of Calgary is working to delivering the final phase of local community solar installations to be completed in 2023. The selection of suitable locations for this phase of the program included a review of the solar potential of the sites, the orientation and condition of the roof surfaces, distribution of sites across the city, and a prioritization based on Calgary Equity Index (a geographically based planning and decision-making tool that provides information about equity in Calgary). Based on input from Calgary Neighborhoods and Facilities Management, eligible sites then moved on to an engineering assessment to evaluate feasibility.

What Makes a Good Site

The following represents a few considerations in identifying the best locations for solar installations:

  • Solar access – Roof surfaces with unobstructed southern access are ideal. Trees, buildings, and rooftop equipment can decrease the potential energy production of a solar system.

  • Structural capacity – Buildings must be able to support the weight of a solar system and the additional loads exerted by wind and snow associated with the installation.

  • Roof condition – Roof replacement projects should precede solar installations. Roof systems with at least 10 years of predicted lifespan remaining are ideal.

  • Community support – Community associations with a track record of implementing environmentally sustainable practices and has a membership that aligns with and is supportive of environmental sustainability.

Benefits of Community Solar

Community and solar systems go hand in hand! Solar systems at community association buildings will:

  • Save money for community associations by reducing their monthly energy bills

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with operation

  • Create local opportunities for tradespeople and businesses that deliver solar in Calgary

Funded Community Associations

The project team is pleased to announce that it has completed solar feasibility assessments on the first group of community association buildings and the following locations are proceeding into detailed design and construction:

  • Bowness Community Centre – 153 kW system, 145.7 MWh annual production
  • Braeside Community Centre – 33 kW system, 41.8 MWh annual production
  • Bridgeland Community Centre – 28 kW system, 28.8 MWh annual production
  • Calgary Marlborough Community Centre – 66 kW system, 77.0 MWh annual production
  • Canyon Meadows Community Centre – 42 kW system, 42.0 MWh annual production
  • Citadel Community Centre – 11 kW system, 12.5 MWh annual production
  • Dover Community Centre – 40 kW system, 47.7 MWh annual production
  • Falconridge/Castleridge Community Centre – 79 kW system, 98.9 MWh annual production
  • Glenbrook Community Centre – 22 kW system, 18.6 MWh annual production
  • Highland Park Community Centre – 20 kW system, 22.6 MWh annual production
  • Kingsland Community Centre – 18 kW system, 19.3 MWh annual production
  • Marda Loop Community Centre – 16 kW system, 15.0 annual production
  • North Haven Community Centre – 14 kW system, 14.3 MWh annual production
  • Pineridge Community Centre – 41 kW system, 43.2 MWh annual production
  • Ranchlands Community Centre – 45 kW system, 45.4 MWh annual production
  • Riverbend Community Centre – 22.5 kW, 18.7 MWh annual production
  • Rosedale Community Centre – 22 kW system, 20.8 MWh annual production
  • Thorncliff/Greenview Community Centre – 359 kW system, 381.8 MWh annual production
  • Varsity Community Centre – 67 kW system, 69.7 MWh annual production
  • West Hillhurst Community Centre – 457 kW system, 439.1 MWh annual production
  • Whitehorn Community Centre – 28 kW system, 33.1 MWh annual production
  • Willow Ridge Community Centre – 50 kW system, 49.1 MWh annual production

Additionally, we are working with the following Community Associations to complete feasibility assessments on their facilities:

  • Capitol Hill Community Association
  • Deer Run Community Association
  • Haysboro Community Association
  • Lake Bonavista Community Association
  • Marlborough Park Community Association
  • Oakridge Community Association
  • Parkdale Community Association
  • Ramsay Community Association
  • Rosscarrock Community Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Can community associations be put on the list to join the program?

While the funding available for the ENMAX Community Solar Fund has been fully allocated to projects at this time, we would still like to hear from interested community associations as we work to identify potential partners for future renewable energy opportunities! If you think your community association building would be a good candidate for a solar energy system, please fill out the expression of interest form available here.

Is there an age requirement for the building to be eligible for the program?

There is no specific age requirement for the building to be eligible. However, the building must be generally in good condition and the roof must not be scheduled for replacement in the near term in order for the solar installations to be feasible.

Is there a size requirement for buildings to be eligible for the program?

While there is no specific size requirement, very small buildings may be challenged to produce enough energy to be financially viable in the long term. 

How much investment is each CA eligible for?

The City and ENMAX are targeting to address 100% of the capital cost of systems up to 100kW in size. However, the investment amount will be decided on a case by case basis depending on the size of available roof space, available funding, and the ability to solicit additional funds from other sources.



  • for Solar energy installation

For more information

Reach out to your dedicated Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator.

If you are an interested citizen wanting to learn more, contact your community association directly.

"Our board of directors has been actively pursuing different ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote long term sustainability. Through this funding, the Ranchlands Community Association will be able to generate 100% of our annual energy use, an achievement that would not have been possible without this incredible opportunity." 

Anita Raffaele, President, Ranchlands Community Association

"Rosedale Community was very pleased when ENMAX introduced a $5 million fund to support communities who wished to add solar panels to their community centres. The obvious benefit to the community is the lower energy costs that will be experienced immediately. We expect that the economic benefit will grow over time given rising energy costs." 



"We hope to be a resource for residents looking at renewable energy at their residence. In reporting back to our residents they will be able to see the benefits of such a project."