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September 2013 Newsletter


Residents of Ward 14,

Please join me on September 21st for the 3rd annual Ward 14 communities BBQ!

Date: September 21st, 2013
Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Southcentre Mall parking lot (on the South side near Sears)

Promoting the benefits of Community Associations has become a passion of mine. They are an important part of the framework that makes up Calgary. They are a rallying point for neighbours who wish to achieve common goals, and they build strong, loyal relationships. They embody everything good that the word community conjures up.

Help me show support for these organizations by attending the Ward 14 communities BBQ.

The Ward 14 Communities BBQ is an initiative that I am very proud to call my own. In the two years that it has been held, we have raised almost $8,000 for the 10 Community Associations in Ward 14 (not a dime of which came from tax revenue) and added almost 100 new members to their ranks.

Thanks to donations from several generous, community-minded sponsors, you will be able to get a free burger, and a free membership to you local community association. The leftover funds will be divided into 10 equal cheques, made out to Ward 14's Community Associations. There will be music, entertainment, and lots of fun...

So join me at Southcentre Mall on September 21st!

The 52 million dollar question - An update

I am sure most of you are now familiar with the issue of how to allocate the $52 Million. On July 28, 2013 the issue came to a head when Council made its decision. There had originally been five options to choose from, but the 2013 Flood added another - to spend the $52 million to rebuild and improve flood-damaged City infrastructure.

First, Council voted on whether or not to give the money back. I have advocated for giving the money back since day 1, and am the only alderman in the last three years that has voted consistently to not take this tax room. I voted to give the money back, but the majority of Council did not.

The Mayor then asked Council to decide whether or not to use $104 Million dollars of vacated tax (52 from 2013, and 52 from 2014) to go to flood mitigation. I seconded an amendment to his proposal to exclude the 2014 amount, leaving the option to 'give it back' alive for next year. I voted to keep that option alive. The proposal with the amendment was passed.

This chapter of the vacated provincial education tax is over, but there will be another. Stay tuned...​

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