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Ward 14 - Peter Demong

January 2016 Newsletter



Hello Ward 14!

No matter what your 2015 was like, I hope your 2016 is even better. This year a Ward 14 tradition will be getting a fresh start—or a fresh name at least.


Aldertalk finally has a name that fits with the title of Councillor. I’ve had reservations about leaving the old name behind. It fit so perfectly. But Aldertalk is a name for an Alderman, and I am a Councillor now. Counciltalk is a name for a Councillor.

I will now be using the name Counciltalk when referring to my monthly discussions, and if you have never attended one I sincerely hope that you will join on at least one occasion in 2016. In short, it is a chance to sit down with me—and your neighbours from around Ward 14—to talk about whatever municipally related topic you choose. It has become so popular that even some other Councillors are implementing their own versions of the idea.

It is very fitting that the first Counciltalk session will take place in Parkland. It was at the Parkland Community Hall on January 14, 2012 that a group of Ward 14 residents gathered for the very first Aldertalk. Since then residents of Ward 14 have been joining me regularly to engage in meaningful dialogue.

I want people to feel like they can always communicate with me. Aldertalk has been a powerful tool in my strategy for ensuring that they can. Because of the generosity of Ward 14’s community associations it is also a low-cost tool. It is held about six months out of the year, and rotates location between communities in Ward 14. People only have to go as far as their local community hall to speak with me, but have been known to travel much further. We sit in a round-table configuration and go through each attendee individually to discuss the topic of their choice.

The 2016 Counciltalk season will begin in Parkland on January 16. It will be at the Parkland Community Hall (505 Parkvalley Road SE). The discussion will run from noon to 2.p.m., but I would love to have you there at noon so that we can get a head start on things, and so you are assured of some coffee.

For upcoming dates and details you can visit, but I also send email reminders about upcoming Counciltalk sessions, among other things. You can sign up for them at

Property Assessment Notices

Before I sign off until February let me remind you to inspect your property assessment notice carefully this year. It will be in your mailbox shortly, if you don’t have it already. Following the instructions on the notice and contacting the Assessment Department about errors could save you the cost of making an unnecessary appeal.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

-Councillor Peter Demong​


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