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Ward 14 - Peter Demong

June 2015 Newsletter


Hi Ward 14!

Events! There are all sorts of events going on this summer. You will find a lot of them—like community cleanups and pre-stampede gatherings—in the pages of this publication, and enduring the cold winter makes these events that much more enjoyable.

I know of two events that you will not want to miss. You should mark them in your calendar as soon as you’re done reading.

The first is the Ward 14 Communities BBQ. For the past four years, Ward 14 has gathered to pay homage to the community associations that work so hard to ensure we can be proud of where we live. This year will be no different, except I hope it will be even bigger.

In my mind, the BBQ serves three purposes. The first I have already mentioned: to draw attention to the hardworking volunteers in Ward 14’s community associations. The second is as an alternative to the traditional City of Calgary open house (yes, there will be all sorts of City departments there to learn from, and to speak with). Finally, you can get a free community association membership at the BBQ, and the community association still gets paid for it!

The sponsors and I will be working hard to make sure that you are entertained, and I will make sure that you get a tasty burger for coming. The Ward 14 Communities BBQ will be on Saturday, September 26 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m in the Southcentre Mall parking lot. I hope you can join!

The next event to mark in your calendar is Aldertalk, and anyone who has ever read my column is probably well aware of what it is. If you’re not, then the best way find out is to attend with a topic that interests you, and an open mind. The final Aldertalk session of the season will take place in Walden for the first time thanks to ATB Financial. You can meet me at ATB’s Walden location (#300, 151 Walden Gate SE) from noon to 2 p.m. on June 20. If you want to receive information about either of these events, or about other ward, community, or City of Calgary issues, I am more than happy to send it. You can sign up for updates at

There is one more event to mention, but it is not one that you are likely to attend (in fact, it has already passed). It is the presentation of the Ward 14 Wordsmith Award, and it is my attempt to encourage learning in two topics that are dear to me: municipal government and the democratic process.

This year Jennifer Searl won the prize for her amazing essay about Canada’s three levels of government. She won a tour of City Hall for her entire grade six class, she had her picture taken with the Mayor and I, and she was introduced in Council on TV. I hope she enjoyed herself!

Congratulations to Jennifer Searl of Willow Park School! It is great to see young people who understand the importance of democracy. Thank you to all of the teachers who try to instil that importance, and to all the students who participated! I can’t wait to see what the schools of Ward 14 have in store for next year.

Goodbye until July! Until then, you can learn more about all three events at, and please don’t ever hesitate to contact me.​

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