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Ward 14 - Peter Demong

Lake Fraser Gate


Sitting in a car, trying to get to or from work, brakes locked up, and going nowhere. It's a situation that most Calgarians are very familiar with, especially those living in suburban Ward 14. Having been Alderman for over two years now, it has become pretty clear that traffic congestion is a major issue for the residents of Ward 14 and it is quite refreshing when there is the potential for simple and inexpensive solutions.

The Lake Fraser Gate Pilot Project illustrates a potentially effective, yet inexpensive way to speed up the morning commute on Macleod trail. It's also a great example of some fine work done by The City of Calgary's Roads Department. The pilot project will test how modifications to traffic signals at the intersection of Lake Fraser Gate and Macleod trail will improve traffic flow along Macleod Trail. It will last for a period of approximately three months (beginning on Nov. 5, 2012).

So far, I am hearing that there is very positive feedback, but there may be adverse effects for some people taking specific routes and that is why it is important that The City of Calgary get feedback for those who are impacted. I have personally had the chance to speak with many stakeholders in this process and want to thank all of them for their participation.

You can give your feedback on the project by calling 3-1-1 and find much more info on the project by looking at the Lake Fraser Gate Pilot FAQ. Of course, you can always contact me​ should you wish to voice your opinion as well.​

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