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Ward 14 - Peter Demong

October 2014 Newsletter

Hi Ward 14,

Thank you to all the sponsors, exhibitors, and volunteers who joined me at the Ward 14 Communities BBQ! For now I will say that it was a great day, and go in to more detail next month.

Sunmills Drive SE has undergone some changes. Traffic Calming measures have been added along Sunmills—a street that not only serves large volumes of vehicles, but is important to pedestrians and cyclists too.

The changes have been successful in slowing speeders on this residential street, but it will take some time to adjust before we see their full impact on traffic safety. Since bike lanes are a part of the traffic calming project, here are some rules and guidelines that apply to cycling and bike lanes.

Cyclists should remember:

  • Cyclists under the age of 14 are allowed to ride bikes on the sidewalk or on the roadway.
  • Cyclists over the age of 14 are NOT permitted to ride on the sidewalk.
  • Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles when travelling on roadways. Distracted driving legislation applies to cyclists.
  • Cyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals and must use hand signals to indicate an intention to turn.
  • Cyclists should ride in the same direction of traffic as motorists (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Cyclists are required to have a bell and a red reflector for the rear. For night riding, a front headlight as well as a rear red tail is also required.
  • Ear buds are not a good idea when cycling or walking around in traffic.

Motorists should remember:

  • Marked bike lanes are restricted to bicycle use only. You will need to cross a bike lane to make a right turn at an intersection, driveway or to access a parking lane.
  • Do not drive or park in a bike lane, never use a bike lane to pass another vehicle.
    Check for cyclists before you open your car door.
  • When pulling away from the curb or leaving your driveway, check and yield to cyclists who may be in the bike lane.
  • Cyclists may need to exit the bike lane to avoid debris or to prepare for a turn.
  • For more information, visit

Before I sign off for this month, here are two annual items of note. First, you will be able to bring your leaf and pumpkin waste to one of 36 drop-off locations for composting. The locations will be open until November 9, and you can find them at Second, the Assessment Review Board, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board are looking for volunteers to share their expertise. If you are interested, please visit

Enjoy October and don`t forget, you can always call or email me.

- Councillor Peter Demong

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