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Ward 14 - Peter Demong

December 2022 Newsletter

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Ward 14!

A record number of Canadians have used food banks this year. That is according to a study by Food Banks Canada. In March there were nearly 1.5 million visits to Canadian Food Banks—the highest March usage in history. These are some very startling facts, but the fact of the matter is that food banks need some support.

Food Bank Drive

Food Banks help many Canadians—our friends and neighbours—get through tough times, but right now they are carrying a heavier load than ever. With the Calgary Food Bank under more pressure to step up for those in need, my Council Colleagues and I are chipping in this December with a bit of friendly competition.

Let us show the rest of Calgary just how giving Ward 14 is! You can drop off donations at any of the locations below. You can also donate money (which is just as important) at the Ward 14 page. The boxes will be out until Dec. 11. If you can help, or know some who can, please do so and share this message.

Bring your food donations here:

Of course, the Calgary Food Bank doesn’t just take food. If you or someone you know is in need, visit Need Food? Get Your Food Hamper | Calgary Food Bank for more information.

Online Map Shows Calgary’s Snow Route Parking Bans

December marks a potential for snowfall in the city and this means snow bans can come into effect. Before heading out, know which streets have parking restrictions by using The City of Calgary’s online map that shows banned parking locations. The Snow Route Parking Bans map shows where parking is temporarily restricted on designated snow routes across the city. Parking bans may last up to 72 hours following a parking ban being issued by The City. This map is located at

To view more City of Calgary maps, please visit the Map Gallery at

Protect your Water Pipes from Freezing This Winter

Every winter some Calgarians experience frozen water pipes which can result in water outages. Houses close to the river or in older communities tend to be at higher risk for this happening. Other major factors that impact risk are the depth of your water service pipes, river water temperature and frost depth.

You can take steps to reduce your risk for frozen household pipes.

  • Look for cold drafts in unheated areas where water supply lines are located. This includes basements, crawl spaces, attics, garages and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Repair broken windows, check doors and insulate areas that allow cold exterior air to enter.
  • Insulate your hot and cold-water pipes that are in cold areas.
  • Open interior doors and cabinets in cold areas to allow heat from the house to warm unprotected pipes.
  • Keep the heat set to at least 15°C.
  • Make sure the water line to outside faucets, garden hoses, pools or decorative water features is turned off, disconnected and drained.
  • If your hot water tank is in a maintenance room outside of your home, make sure the area is adequately heated.
  • Regularly run water in your pipes through everyday use. You can also run a continuous pencil-width stream of water, but you will be responsible for any increase in water charges unless you received an official notice from The City of Calgary instructing you to do so.

Find out more at


Feel free to contact me any time, and remember to visit for the full version of this column. The best way to contact me is by visiting or calling (403) 268-1653.

-Councillor Peter Demong

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