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Public hearing on April 22, 2024. Proposed rezoning will support more housing options in all communities.

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Ward 14 - Peter Demong

March 2024 Newsletter

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Hi Ward 14,

The days are getting longer, and it feels good, doesn’t it? Spring is on its way too. In this column, I will touch on the topic of water, including storm ponds, and storm drains. I will bring up the topic of property assessment one more time this year with an extra section on how to sign up to pay your property tax in installments. There will also be a new edition of “How to Navigate the City of Calgary website”. But first, as a last-minute addition, here is the information on my Citywide Rezoning Open Houses.

Citywide Rezoning – Ward 14 Open Houses

On April 22, City Council will likely undergo a public hearing and decide on whether to make some major changes to what type of building is allowed on properties in Calgary. I voted against moving forward with this, but here we are.

As a part of this public hearing, I must remain open to persuasion. That is the law, but it is also important to me to be open to what Calgarians think. There have been some opportunities for input, but it has not been enough.

I will be holding two sessions in April. These will be opportunities to speak with some of the City’s experts on proposed rezoning changes, and a chance to give me your thoughts face-to-face. Here are the most urgent details:

Session #1 Session #2

Tuesday, April 9

6:30 to 8:30 PM

Lake Bonavista Community Hall

1401 Acadia Drive S.E.

Thursday, April 11

5:30 to 7:30 PM

MidSun Community Hall

50 Midpark Rise S.E.

Stay safe, stay off storm ponds

The City of Calgary wants to remind kids and their families to be safe while enjoying outdoor skating.

City of Calgary or community-designated outdoor skating rinks offer fun, free skating for all skill levels. Rinks kept by The City are checked daily for ice thickness and quality, and surfaces are flooded as needed to make sure they’re safe for skating.

While your community storm pond may look inviting, recreational activities are not allowed on them. These ponds are part of your community’s stormwater infrastructure and are there to reduce community flooding and clean stormwater before it returns to our rivers. Ice on these ponds is less predictable than ice on regular ponds and can be unstable even when it looks solid.

Here’s why:

  • Storm ponds hold sediment and contaminants (e.g., bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, vehicle fluids, metal, road salt) that are collected as water travels through the community on their way to the storm pond and can weaken the ice.
  • Water levels are also constantly changing as water moves between inlet and outlet pipes creating unpredictable ice conditions.
  • Although the ice may appear thick in some areas, other areas may have little to no ice and often snow can cover visible hazards.

Instead, find a safe City or community outdoor skating rink near you at

How Calgarians can help Clear Storm Drains

There are nearly 60,000 storm drains across Calgary, so we’re asking Calgarians to do their part around their properties to help the water flow down the storm drain and to let us know if there are trouble areas so that our crews can respond.

  • Clear storm drains around your property

When it’s safe and possible to do, clear storm drains around your property of ice, snow and debris, like leaves and sticks, and help create a channel for melting snow and rain to make its way into the storm sewer. Check out our interactive map on to find out storm drain locations.

  • Contact 311 if water is pooling

If the storm drain is covered with a thick layer of ice, or if water is pooling on your street and hasn’t drained after 90 to 120 minutes, take a photo and submit a Storm Drain/Catch Basin Concern through the 311 web or mobile app.

The 311 web or mobile app is the fastest way for citizens to report their request. Also, attaching a photo to the 311 request goes a long way in helping our crews triage and respond on a priority basis.

How to Navigate the City’s Website – Episode 6: Water

The last two topics of this column come up every year around this time. There are others like water usage and drought that are top-of-mind because of what is currently going on in our little corner of the world. Either way, I thought March would be a good month to help you find some water-related information on the City website. It is a little more complicated to find than some of the more recent topics, but still not very hard at all.

To start, go to From there find and click on “Programs and services” in the top dropdown menu. The first item that appears will be “Property, housing and neighbourhoods”. This is where you want to go next (you will see the mention of water in the associated description). Next, scroll past all the other useful information (if you like) and click on “Water, wastewater and stormwater”. There you will find all sorts of information on management of our water resources, and the water services we provide. Happy reading!

Customer Review Period ends March 11

The Customer Review Period for your 2024 property assessment runs until March 11, 2024. If you haven't reviewed your assessment notice you may still do that until March 11. Inquiries made before March 11 will be considered for 2024. Inquiries after March 11 will be reviewed with resulting value changes applying to next year's assessment period.

Your 2024 property assessment reflects the market value of your property on July 1, 2023, and the characteristics and physical condition of the property on December 31, 2023.

To help you review your property assessment the City offers general resources on and property specific tools through the secure logon feature of Assessment Search at By logging onto your property specific account on Assessment Search, you can:

  • Check the property details used to determine the assessed value of your property.
  • Update your residential property details. It’s important you keep your information current, as incorrect property details may result in assessments that do not accurately reflect the value of your property.
  • Compare your property’s assessed value to other similar properties in your area to ensure fairness.
  • Review real estate market trends and learn how your property was assessed.

Are you new to the Assessment Search tool? Visit to learn how to set up your account. 

We offer a property tax calculator at to help you estimate your 2024 Property Taxes and find out where your tax dollars go. Your property is used to calculate your annual property tax bill, which is mailed in the spring.

TIPP Online is here!

TIPP Online is a hassle-free way to enroll in the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) program. Joining is easier and more convenient than ever.

The City has streamlined the multi-step registration process to a simple one-step online form, and you can join from anywhere you are, 24/7. All you need is your roll/tax number and your banking details to start. Then we’ll confirm your enrolment in real-time.

The TIPP program began in 1989, and today over 60 per cent of all property owners use TIPP because it’s an effortless way to budget and pay your property tax.

To get the most out of TIPP, it’s best to join in January. This way you can realize the budgeting benefits right from the start of the year. Your payments will be in 12 equal amounts, one a month, and you’ll pay no more than your share as noted on your tax bill.

But you can start any time in the year. We’ll adjust your monthly payment accordingly to ensure your tax bill is paid in full by the end of the year. Smaller monthly payments help you save time and money by making your budgeting easier and removing the risk of late payment penalties.

Try the new form now! Visit and get started today.

Hurry and sign up! The Go Paperless Contest ends on March 31

When you make the change to receive a paperless assessment notice (eNotice) you can enter for a chance to win one of four Visa gift cards valued at $250 each.

After you sign-up for eNotice, you’ll receive an email with the contest entry link. Complete the form and you’re entered. The Contest is open to new and existing eNotice subscribers. 

The contest is open to Alberta residents over the age of majority, and is subject to the full contest rules available online at

Explore the City of Calgary Roadway Activities Map

Curious about the ongoing road projects in your area? Wondering when the last time your neighborhood roads were repaved? Plan your routes with ease by checking out the City of Calgary Roadway Activities Map. This interactive map compiles information on construction projects, repair work, and special events across Calgary. Visit to stay informed and navigate the city hassle-free.

To view more City of Calgary maps, please visit the Map Gallery at


Feel free to contact me any time. The best way to contact me is by visiting or calling (403) 268-1653.  


Councillor Peter Demong  

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