Ward 7 - Terry Wong

October and November 2021 Updates

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Since 2021 October 25, Terry has voted to support the following community decisions:

  • Replace the 28-day expiry of Calgary’s Face Covering Bylaw with a Calgary Emergency Management Agency recommendation of local specific actions in consultation with municipal specific pandemic issues and trends; Terry brought forward this motion for Council approval. 
  • Approval to position Canada Task Force2, Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), and City business unit resources in ‘readiness-mode’ to respond to British Columbia’s request for assistance via the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA); Terry responded in the early hours following ‘atmospheric river’ of rain flooding B.C. by asking City agencies to inform and prepare for deployment. 
  • 2022 Budget Adjustments resulting in a 3.87% increase in the municipal tax rate with notable adjustments including
            $64.7M Overall in Budget Reductions:
                        $53.2M in reductions of City expenditures
                        $6.5M in reductions from expenditures absorbed in Waste and                                            Recycling user fees which were also frozen at 2021 levels 
                        $5.0M in reductions from increased investment revenue

            $62.578 Overall in Budget Increase:       
                        $10.0M for 56 new firefighters and 6 training officers
                        $10.5M (*) for Snow and Ice Control for streets/cycle track/pathways
                        $8.0M for Community Safety Investment Fund
                        $6.08M for Calgary Police Services
                        $5.7M for Traffic and Accessibility safety
                        $4.5M for Multi-Community Local Area Plans
                        $3.7M for Arts, Culture and Indigenous initiatives
                        $3.15M for Climate Change initiatives
                        $2.65M for Affordable Housing plus
                        $10M in Capital
                        $2.3M for Equity Action, Resourcing and Youth Strategy
                        $1.574M for Improved Financial Reporting and Asset Mgmt
                        $1.489M for Employee Safety
                        $1.25M for Calgary Transit Public Safety
                        $0.905M for Innovation and Improved Data Analytics
                        $0.48M to establish an Indigenous Relations Office
                        $0.3M for increased downtown community safety

Additionally, City Council approved capital budget for
                $55.0M for downtown office conversions to multi-residential
                $15.0M for acquisition of lands for residential school memorial
                $10.0M for affordable housing
                $10.0M (*) for increased roads and cycle track pavement maintenance
                $10.0M (*) for increased pathways pavement maintenance
                $8.0M for Traffic and Accessibility safety
                $4.25M for Calgary Zoological Society – Cdn. Wilds Development
                $3.95M for Climate initiatives

(*)  These additions were presented by Ward 7 on behalf of pedestrians and cyclists particular to improve both safety and accessibility concerns heard from constituents.

Calgary’s 2021 inflation is 3.1% and population grown is 1.3% for an overall increase of 4.4%. The overall result of the 2022 budget adjustments is a 3.87% municipal tax rate increase. Council’s budget approval does not keep up with overall inflation and population growth.

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