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Ward 7 - Terry Wong

A Recap of 2021

In 2021, this Ward 7 office has continually been a leader in safe communities which includes social disturbances, crime, and infrastructure safety. As Councillor, I have 

  • Reached out to the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Calgary Police Services early in November to address upcoming cold winter season concerns and to define ways to redress homelessness encampments, social/mental/addiction issues, shelter operations, and law enforcement and bylaw enforcement protocols;

  • Reached out to Calgary Transit - LRT Security early in November to address transit line, train, bus, and station security issues especially in the downtown, Sunnyside, Lions Park, and Banff Trail LRT stations;

  • Sought in mid-November to amend the Pandemic Face Covering Bylaw from an arbitrary automatic 28-day expiry to a termination decision guided after receiving medical advice and administrative recommendation;

  • Gained approval immediately in mid-November to position Canada Task Force2 (an All-Hazards Disaster Response Team), Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), and City resources to respond to assist British Columbia’s ‘atmospheric river’ of rain flooding crisis;

  • Tabled two (2) 2022 budget adjustment motions that were approved by City Council to increase safety and mobility on roads and pathways across Ward 7 and throughout the City; specifically,  
    • $10.5 million to speed up snow clearing on Priority 1 roads ($5.5M) and on 100% of our pathways and bike lanes ($5.0M).

    • $10 million to increase pavement repair of City roads ($9M) and pathways ($1M)
  • Voted to approve during 2022 budget adjustment debates 

    • the hiring of 13 new police officers and 25 civilians (human resources) to address community equity, inclusion and fairness challenges, and community/citizen/business safety and security concerns;

    • the hiring of 56 new firefighters and 6 training officers to address attrition and leadership development;

    • the hiring of 10 new LRT Transit officers to address social disturbances on LRT lines, stations, trains, and surrounding areas;

  • Sought answers late November from Administration on how The City could continue to support Calgarians during the pandemic following the expiry of the 'State of Local Emergency’;

  • Voted to approve mid-December the allocation of $750,000 in 2022 to the Calgary Homeless Foundation to assist Calgarians who are homeless and dealing with cold weather during this Winter Season. We are also working to reduce social disorder and support vulnerable Calgarians;

  • Met with the Be The Change group mid-December to better understand the vulnerable, homeless population needs and approaches to support; and,

  • Assisted to transition 300+ residents to temporary hotel accommodations from a 297 apartment unit building over the Christmas holidays as their 297-unit apartment building suffer catastrophic building failure when electrical generators failed their fire sprinkler system and building heating system.


Great Cities are realized with wise investments; Ward 7 residents have asked that good City programs, great service, and safe, reliable infrastructure be provided in a cost-effective manner. I requested investment in quality resources, good programs and services, 

  • Approved a 2022 tax rate increase of 3.87% or about a $6 per month increase for median-valued single-detached Calgary homes. This increase includes:
    • $65M in city expenditure reductions

    • Rejection of new ‘administrative budget request’ for ‘premier’ technology services

    • The hiring of 13 new police officers, 25 civilian staff, 56 new firefighters, 6 new fire training officers, and 18 staff to develop the City Climate Emergency Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    • A permanent memorial to recognize indigenous children in Residential Schools

    • Funding to convert 1 million square feet of vacant downtown office space to residential units

    • Construction of 125 new affordable housing units

      Specific tax rate impacts will vary by property type depending on the assessed value of a home or business, as well as next year’s provincial tax rate, which will be finalized in the first half of 2022. For more information, please visit
  • Received Council approval to extend the Secondary Suite Amnesty Program (ie. suspension of the permit fees) until the end of 2023 to incentivize residential homeowners with illegal suites to upgrade them to ensure greater house/home safety;

Note: 2022 Calgary Transit fee increases were approved by the previous City Council.


A vibrant Calgary includes a strong prosperous economy, jobs, healthy incomes along with arts, culture, entertainment, recreation, sport, and a sustainable environment. This office will lead with our community leaders, businesses, and residents to establish this and revitalize Calgary. Here are some of the initiatives undertaken in 2021:

  • Worked on and supported the Chinatown Cultural Plan and James Short Renaming

  • Approved spending $3.2million for City Arts programs

  • Participated in various community events during the past couple of months including sleigh rides in Parkdale, hot chocolate in Capitol Hill-Banff Trail, and many more to meet great community members

  • Met with community associations and business improvement areas to learn about the pressing needs of each community in Ward 7

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