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City Online

The Information You Need, When You Want It

City Online is a self-serve portal that distributes licensed data and property information.

Property Information
City Online offers up-to-date property information created from assessment, planning, tax, utility, and community mapping records maintained by The City of Calgary. Property Information reports are available for purchase by credit card and company invoice when applicable.

Mapping Products & Solutions
City Online offers a selection of digital maps, imagery, and geospatial data sold by section by immediate download, as well as on demand customized data. Custom data products can be purchased in various formats and coordinate output systems and are delivered by linked-email within 24 hours.
There are no set-up fees for City Online; however, if you use a company account, your company will have the option of invoicing select items. To invoice, your company must enter into a license agreement with The City of Calgary upon subscribing to City Online to use this simplified payment process.

Alberta Land Title Searches

Looking for Alberta Land Titles? Visit the Province of Alberta's Spatial Information System (SPIN2).