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Licensing City data

How to buy City data

City data is available for purchase online through  City Online using a credit card or by invoice.
If you're looking for data that is not listed on our Products page, or you're interested in licensing larger or custom data sets, contact Corporate Analytics & Innovation by calling 3-1-1 or 403-268-2489 if calling from outside of Calgary area.
Following the City of Calgary’s data licensing policy, Corporate Analytics & Innovation provides traditional licensing services for custom data licensing agreements and on-line licensing requests for standard tabular and spatial corporate data sets. For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions page   

Open Data Portal

The City of Calgary’s Open Data Portal provides public access to information and data managed by The City. It contains hundreds of datasets which are free to access and download in multiple file formats. The data may be used for any purpose subject to the Open Government Licence - City of Calgary. 

​​ Go to the Open Data Portal

Data Licensed for City Projects

Consultants hired to work on City of Calgary projects require the use of City data. For this specific purpose, Vendor License Agreements are established between The City and the consulting firm.    

Consultants requiring a Vendor License Agreement must contact The City at 3-1-1 (403-268-2489) and provide the following information:
  • Name of the project
  • Name of The City of Calgary project manager and phone number
  • Status of the Master Consulting Terms and Conditions Agreement
  • Full legal name of the consulting firm
  • Name of the firm's principle with signing authority, and his/her phone number and mailing address

The City of Calgary Data Licensing Policy

The City of Calgary policy regarding access to all Corporate data states that:
  • The City of Calgary electronic data is a Corporate asset with value and its access and use is controlled
  • The City of Calgary electronic data is always restricted by copyright protection and restrictions may be placed on its use
Data license agreements are used to exercise appropriate controls over corporate data usage. The license agreements define the terms under which a licensee can obtain access to corporate data. These licenses define the following:
  • The license product
  • Use of the license product
  • The type of license granted
  • The license fees
  • GST
  • Term of the license
  • Considerations regarding liability
  • Ownership of the data
  • Conditions of use
  • Records of use
  • Audit considerations
  • Considerations upon termination of the agreement
Intellectual Property Access & Marketing provides traditional licensing services for custom data licensing agreements and on-line clickwrap licensing requests for standard tabular and spatial corporate data sets. For more information on The City of Calgary's Data Licensing Policy, call 3-1-1 or  from outside of Calgary, dial 403-268-CITY (2489).
On-line clickwrap data licensing is available for many tabular and spatial data sets through  City Online.
Other data sets, and larger purchases of data may be licensed by contacting The City of Calgary. Visit the How To Buy section of this page for details.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the technical specifications for your data sets?

Technical specifications for the data sets are available in the Digital Data Products support document located on  City Online​.

Can I continue using licensed data sets after my license agreement has expired?

​Please review the data license agreement provided to you at the time the data was licensed. After the agreement has expired, the licensee is required to destroy all copies of the data from all drives, servers, and storage devices. A new data license can be obtained by either repurchasing the product from  City Online​ or by contacting The City of Calgary (see How To Buy section of this page for details).

My firm has been hired by The City to work on an infrastructure project. Can I get access to The City's mapping data to complete this work?

​Yes, Vendor License Agreements are available to consultants contracted by The City to work on projects. Learn more by visiting the Data Licensing for City Projects page.

I don't see the data I'm looking for on City Online. Are other products not listed available for purchase?

​Customer orders and large orders may be purchased by contacting The City of Calgary. We will determine if the data is available, if it can be licensed, and then provide you with a quote. Contact information is available on the How to Buy section of this page.

I had a problem downloading my product after purchasing it from City Online. What should I do?

​If you have purchased a downloadable product from City Online, you will be taken to a download page upon proceeding through the checkout. Alternately, you can download your product under 'Order History' on the 'My Account' page. Most products are available to download for seven business days, excluding Tax reports, which can only be downloaded once.

I have a question about a specific product sold on City Online. Who do I call?

​On each City Online product page, the product steward name and contact information is provided. All product-specific inquiries should be directed to the product steward. In some cases, you will be asked to contact 3-1-1 in order to reach the product steward.

I have a question related to my City Online account and the products sold there. Where do I find answers?

​Visit the City Online support page for quick, self-serve answers. If you cannot find an answer to your inquiry, contact City Online.

Why does The City of Calgary license data?

​The City of Calgary recognizes data as a corporate asset. Licenses are required to protect the third party use of these assets. Read about The City's  Data Licensing Policy for more information.​​​​

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