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Poisonous items for cats and dogs

Some plants and other household items may be poisonous to your cat or dog if consumed. It is important to be aware of poisonous items and to keep your pets away from them. Each of these substances listed below will affect your pet differently because toxicity varies according to the amount the animal consumes and the animal's size. Consult your veterinarian for more information on how to prevent accidental poisonings.

If your pet has consumed one of these items consider contacting your veterinarian. Or one of the 24-hour emergency vet clinics listed below.

Plants that may be toxic to your pet:

  • Calla lily
  • Iris
  • Larkspur
  • Lily of the valley
  • Mistletoe
  • Philodendron
  • Poinsettia
  • Wisteria
  • Daffodil
  • English holly
  • English ivy
  • Foxglove
  • Honey suckle
  • Hydrangea

Other household items that could be toxic to your pet:

  • Aspirin
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  • Chocolate
  • Mustard seed
  • Arsenic (as in rat poison)
  • Bleach
  • Ibuprofen (Advil)
  • Lead
  • Lysol, Spic-n-Span and other household cleaning products
  • Antifreeze

24-hour emergency vet clinics

Calgary North Veterinary Hospital
4204 4 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2K 1A2

McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital
34 – 5010 4th Street N.E., Calgary AB T2K 5X8

C.A.R.E. Centre Animal Hospital
7140 – 12th Street S.E., Calgary, AB T2H 2Y4

Fish Creek 24 Hour Pet Hospital
15311 Bannister Road S.E., Calgary, AB T2X 1Z3

Western Veterinary Specialist Centre
1802 10 Ave S.W., Calgary, AB T3C 0J8

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