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Beach ball bounce

The goal of this activity is to keep the beach ball (or other soft ball) from touching the ground by kicking it in the air with your feet.

Safety Tip: Make sure your space is clear so you can move around freely without slipping or hitting anything.


  • An open space
  • A beach ball or soft ball (e.g. balloon, stuffed toy)


Step one

Hold your ball in your hands. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

Step two

Keep your eyes on the ball as you lightly toss it in the air. When it starts to fall, swing one foot up at the ball to kick it back into the air. Then return your foot to the ground.

Step three

Repeat as many times as you can to keep the ball from hitting the ground. If the ball hits the ground, pick it up and try again!

Step four

Challenge yourself!

  • Each time you kick the ball, switch feet.
  • Pick a number and try to keep the ball in the air for that many kicks.